A Homeowner’s Guide to Video Monitoring Systems

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Home video monitoring systems are becoming increasingly prevalent in Canadian homes and commercial properties. Video monitoring systems offer a sense of safety and security, as you can connect your cameras to virtually any area of your house or property. Not only can this protect your family and your assets from theft and other crimes, but the mere presence of cameras and security systems help to deter criminals from entering your property.

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Whether you are concerned about theft or simply want to be able to monitor your kids, pets, and home while you are away, video monitoring systems offer a wide variety of practical benefits. Plus, it is a legal, affordable, and convenient way to help keep your family and your property safe, and it can even save you money on your home insurance and increase the value of your house.

At Canadian Security Professionals, we work with our customers to create custom video monitoring systems designed specifically for your needs. With decades of experience in the home security industry, CSP employees (and our parent company, ADT) are experts in the field of home video monitoring, and we are happy to assist you with any step of the installation and configuration process. Here is a breakdown of the benefits of home video systems:

1) 24/7 live recording

A great option for parents, our monitoring systems offer 24/7 live recording. This allows you to capture a live stream of each camera in your home or on your property – something you can view from the convenient location of your smartphone or on another portable device. Captured in high-definition video quality and saved to a streaming recorder, you will have constant access to the footage of each individual camera, and you can flip through cameras to view your home from a variety of angles.

This feature offers unmatched peace of mind, especially for parents who are worried about your children, pets, or home while you are at work or away on vacation. Regarding theft and other crimes, each camera saves its footage, so you can access it after a crime and use it as primary evidence. However, the added benefit of a video monitoring system is that its presence deters criminals from entering your property, further protecting your home and your family.

2) Live streaming video from any device

Designed for ultimate convenience and accessibility, our video monitoring systems can stream live from any mobile device. In this way, you will always have access to your home cameras, allowing you to check in on your children or pets throughout the day. For parents, this security feature offers exceptional peace of mind, and that relief alone is worth the investment. Not only can you view your video footage at any time, but many of our cameras have user controls that let you change and direct the angle of each camera.

Using your smartphone, you can access any individual camera in your home and pan or tilt it to gain a better angle. You can also split-screen the footage from these cameras, allowing you to view many angles at once. At CSP, we care about your safety and security. Our trained professionals have years of experience in home video installation and configuration, and we are happy to help you choose a custom monitoring system that is right for you and your family. For more information on our home video monitoring systems and installation services, explore our website here.

3) Event-triggered video

Instead of the live feed, you can also customize your camera system so that it is triggered by certain events. The cameras can be triggered by a variety of events. First, when an alarm is triggered, your cameras will automatically turn on and film the event. Whether the alarm was tripped because of a window or door opening or simply because a motion sensor was tripped, the cameras will capture the evidence, which can be used as evidence in criminal situations.

Beyond that, the cameras can also be triggered through geo-services, which allows you to turn it off when you are home and have the system automatically turn on when you leave. This offers added privacy while at home without sacrificing the safety and security you need when you leave.

Finally, the saved clips are sorted by location, time, and event, allowing you to view specific videos with ease. At CSP, we will work with you to create a custom monitoring system designed specifically for you and your family, and we will help configure the system so that you receive alerts on your personal device when necessary. This can help inform you that a package was delivered, your kids arrived home from school, or the front door was opened without the security code.

4) Energy-saving combinations

At CSP, we have years of experience creating home monitoring systems suited to the needs of our customers. We also have a variety of energy-saving systems that can be installed alongside your video monitoring system and synced to one device. You can coordinate your lighting, thermostat, and video monitors all from your phone, allowing you to control the ambiance and security of your home with ease. For more information about custom home energy improvement systems incorporated with video monitoring, explore our website here.

No one wants to feel unsafe in their own home. For parents with children, pets, and valuable assets, it is crucial that you feel safe and secure. Our video monitoring systems help provide that peace of mind while also being practical and convenient. Not only will the cameras deter criminals and help you keep an eye on your kids, but they can also be invaluable if you suffer an unfortunate event and need to contact your home insurance company.

For more information about home energy improvements in Ontario, or to book an experienced, professional for your installation needs, call Canadian Security Professionals at 1-877-494-9911 or check out our website here.

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