Easy and Effective Ways to Secure Your New Home & Business

Easy and Effective Ways to Secure Your New Home & Business - CSP Alarms

As a home and business idea, juggling security systems may seem daunting. With the CSP Smart Home Security Alarm System, this doesn’t need to be the case.

Smart alarm systems are designed to integrate all your security access into one easy-to-use app. No more loading multiple websites or downloading various tools and apps to keep tabs on your home and business.

Security alarm systems play a big role in the overall safety and protection of your properties. In fact, homes without state-the-the-art systems are 80% more prone to break-ins than those with.

To shed more light on the subject of how effective home and business security can be, and how easy it is to organize, here are some tips.

Easy and Effective Ways to Secure Your New Home & Business - CSP Alarms

Start With Easy Access Points

The most common spot for a criminal to access your home or business is the door. Professional criminals aren’t usually set on waltzing in through the highly visible front door. This leaves side doors, back doors, emergency exits, and fire escapes as viable break-in options.


As you begin your home and business security setup, securing your doors, therefore, becomes a prominent point of interest. Some things to check on include:

  • Snugness of doors to frames
  • Guarded hinges
  • Visibility from roads or neighbours’ homes
  • Additional closures and locks on less visible entry points

Once you know where your home and business’ weaknesses are, begin reinforcing them with:

  • Strike plates
  • 3.5” or longer screws
  • Bump-proof smart locks
  • Sensors
  • Doorbell cameras


After doors, windows are the most common point of entry for a criminal. Check that windows aren’t easily opened from the outside and reinforce them with:

  • Key-driven levers
  • Security film
  • Window bars
  • Glass-break sensors

Limit Access to Your Home and Business

Knowing who is coming and going is a big part of your home and business protection plan. While you may not always know who’s inside during business hours, you can monitor anybody who locks and unlocks doors.

A security alarm system offers specialized access control for window and door locks to better manage the safety of your home and business. CSP allows for customization of your access control with either card, biometric readers, or remote access.

Benefits of access control include:

  • Individual codes to monitor who comes and goes
  • Remote access to lock up when you forget
  • Scheduled locking and unlocking to reduce the number of key holders
  • Access to video feeds at the touch of a button

Access your home and business security center from anywhere with your designated app

Build Your Bespoke Security Alarm System

Once you understand where your security weaknesses are and you’ve begun to reinforce them, it’s time to design your security alarm system. Every alarm system is custom to your needs. No two homes or businesses are exactly alike, and CSP recognizes this in our variety of services and products.

Some products and services to consider as you build your security package include:

  • Video surveillance
  • Smart home access
  • Dedicated router and connection
  • On-site security team

Cameras are one of the biggest investments in any home or business security system. They are highly beneficial and can be used to convict criminals in the event of a court case.

Security cameras also help you see who is coming and going at your properties and keep tabs on doors and windows as they open and close. Real-time video monitoring and immediate smart phone alerts are a critical part of this security feature.

Additional supports within your security alarm system include:

  • Motion sensor lighting
  • Smart doorbells
  • Smart locks

Streamline Your Business Tools for Efficiency

Some business security alarm system products are designed for more than deterring and catching theft. It also supports your business in saving money and increasing productivity.

Energy Management

Energy management is hugely important for North American businesses with the rise of the green movement. Not only can it save you money, but minimizes your business’ carbon footprint which looks good to your community and shareholders.

At CSP, our energy management system corresponds with a smart thermostat. This allows you to manage temperature controls like heat and A/C from anywhere through your access app. Any changes you make through the app are immediately applied at your home or business, even if you’re not there.

This feature is also useful in controlling lights. If an employee leaves lights on, or the A/C running, you can disengage it without going into the office.

Smart thermostats have location-based automation to dial into local weather and temperatures and set your thermostat accordingly. The responsive settings are also dialed into your doors and windows. If doors and windows are left open, your thermostat responds so it doesn’t waste energy trying to heat or cool.

Protect Against the Elements

As you design your security alarm system, remember to plan for mother nature. CSP systems include fire, CO2, and smoke detection and alerts. Receive an alert directly to your mobile phone if one of your alarms is triggered.

Monitoring services can also be expanded to include:

  • Medical panic pendants
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Burglary detection

Environmental monitoring keeps tabs on floods, extreme weather warnings, and other potential threats to your business.

Contact CSP to Get Started

CSP works with home and business owners across Ontario and British Columbia. Our team of experienced security professionals is well-versed not only in our products and services but the locations we service. This lets us better serve you for your location based on crime statistics, local weather, potential natural threats, and more.

Canadian businesses investing in security alarm systems are more likely to pay lower insurance premiums than those without. To get you the best rates on business and home insurance, we work closely with you to find the weak points in your properties and effectively reinforce security in those areas.

Interested in learning more about easy and effective ways to secure your new home and business? We want to help. Call CSP at 1-877-229-7252 today, or reach out online to get a free quote today.

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