Business Video Monitoring System

Our video monitoring service lets you see what is going on at your home, business, or property remotely in real-time. You also receive instant alerts and notifications with the smart clip capture feature and continuous recording so you never have to miss an important second of a footage.

Unlike conventional cameras, Canadian Security Professionals (CSP) offers a best-in-class, 24/7 video monitoring service with advanced analytical capabilities and the newest video technology that includes continuous HD (high definition) recording, instant live streaming on-demand, instant video alerts, and smart clip capture with secure cloud storage.

For parents, this provides the ideal end-to-end video solution to watch your children, pets, valuables, and property to see what is happening during an alarm event – or any other time when you want to check in.

This is also one of the best solutions for companies that are serious about securing their property, especially in sites where there is a verifiable perimeter, such as gated areas, electrical substations, and construction sites, and for designated zones.

Here are the components of our Video Monitoring Service:

24/7 Live Recording

We give business owners the ability to capture 24/7 HD (high definition) recording via the Onboard recording option or via the Commercial Stream Video Recorder (CSVR). This will enhance your video monitoring service by delivering secure, cloud-based streaming and remote video clip access from anywhere.

This continuous video recording solution features:

  • High definition (HD) capture
  • 24/7 video recording
  • Bandwidth optimised
  • Remote video access

Our clients find our live recording solution reliable since it is delivered via distinct service architecture with an optimised bandwidth that offers HD video capture and playback, and access on the go without degrading your internet connection.

Live Streaming Video

You can watch live feeds from your home, office, or property right on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere in the world, so you know what’s happening at any specific time.

Some unique features of this option include:

  • Remote access to live streaming video on your smartphone with access to the internet while away from your home or property
  • The ability to adjust the Pan/Tilt camera through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to change the angle of your video feed
  • Access to multiple cameras simultaneously so you can see what is happening inside and outside your property on a split-screen
  • Access to multiple cameras from different properties on the same screen, so you can keep an eye on your home and office at the same time
  • HD quality with brilliant low light performance for crystal clear video
  • Option to use video cameras already installed on your property with your new security system

You can easily swipe through the different cameras to get a complete view of your home or property, inside and outside, day and night.

Event-Triggered Video Clips

Beyond the live feed, our system records clips of alarm events so you can review archived footage at a more convenient time. Our Smart Clip Capture feature provides event-triggered video clips that make it easier to stay on top of events taking place at your property, 24/7.

There are three components of our Smart Clip Capture feature:

  • Triggers: When an alarm is triggered, you can automatically capture pre and post alarm video footage for thorough review. Moreover, you can use the security sensors strategically placed throughout your home or property to intelligently capture unusual events, such as a window opening, a door opening, or motion in the property.
  • Geo-Services: You can instruct the system not to record for privacy purposes, like when you are home. Our Geo-Services allows you to set the recording feature to only capture video footage when you are away from home/property, and stop when you are there. This configuration can be customised for each camera, so you can set the exterior cameras to always record footage (when you are home and away), while the interior cameras only record when you are not home.
  • Clip Library: All recorded video clips are stored in a searchable library, so you can go back and see what you missed. These video recordings are triggered by alarm events, so you can search the footage by the type of activity to know exactly what occurred.

Video Alerts

You can customise the kind of alerts you receive on your phone, including video clips that get sent directly to you when an activity is detected or an alarm or sensor is triggered – such as a front door opening, motion in the basement, and so on.

You can customise your smart video alerts by time, day, motion, and camera, as well as the activities that matter to you, including anytime:

  • A package is delivered
  • A vehicle pulls into your driveway
  • The front door is opened
  • Motion is detected
  • An alarm is triggered



Our Advantage: The Safety of Your Loved Ones,
Employees, and Property

With our video monitoring service, you can view what is going on from nearly anywhere provided you have an internet connection and the right access. With 24/7 live streaming, all you need to do is install our best-in-class equipment on your home or property, and then access the application on your mobile device to see what is happening at home or at your business via the security cameras installed.

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

John Dobson
15:40 07 Sep 22
Morning Chelsea, Thanks for taking my call earlier this morning and taking our updated cc info. I just wanted to express how grateful we are with the services of CSP. Being our 1st ever security system, we’ve had a few “encounters”. The individuals on the other end, have been courteous, helpful and so customer focused. Thanks for the services you and others at CSP do daily and are taken for granted by so many of us. Thanks greatly, John & Dianna of Cambridge
Mel Skinner
15:07 31 Aug 22
Patrick who installed the equipment was professional and competent. He took the time to explain how the system works and made us feel at ease in its operation. An overall great experience with a professional. Curtis in sales took the time to understand our security needs and was knowledgeable in taking us through the range of options and equipment available to match our needs. A great team effort!
00:20 20 Aug 22
We appreciate the professional service! Patrick made the experience with our first alarm system consistent and comprehensible. The initiation of the account/contract was simple, clear and customized to our needs. Thank you!!!
Sammi McGale
17:37 25 Jul 22
Tamim was absolutely great! He took the time we needed to make decisions and explained everything extremely well. We feel safe and listened to. Thank you so much for the peace of mind you gave us!
Linda Kasprzak
12:37 25 Jul 22
Choosing the right alarm company is a daunting task but right from the onset Heather was informative and unbelievably helpful. Heather helped me with my choices, advised and made sure that my alarm needs were met. She was always available , personable and if she said she was sending me something... then she did. All of this made me feel confident in my choice of company and I could quickly see why the reviews were so great. The Alarm specialist arrived on time, did a great job of fitting everything,no ugly wires, everything looks great and works perfectly. He was great as well. A chirpy soul who explained everything. All in all a great experience from a good company that knows what it is doing. I give them 5 gold stars. UPDATE Still finding this company a 5 star. Excellent customer support. Always available. Still impressed.
virender toor
22:54 21 Jun 22
Tamim was abosulety wonderful. He helped install all the cameras and monitors for our home in an efficient and clean way. Amazing customer service skills and friendly service! Definitely will recommend him for future installations.
Paul Kenny
18:01 14 Jun 22
We were in need of a security system for our new retail space and checked with several firms before choosing Canadian Security Professionals. We could not be happier with the service we received. The sales rep we dealt with was Katie Rose Klassoff. Katie was both professional and helpful throughout the process. The technician who installed the system was wonderful, arrived at the specified time and completed the work in a timely manner. We highly recommend C.S.P. for your needs.
Rick Ramcharran
23:44 10 Jun 22
From the first call, to the latest update, even setting up things I didn’t know I had, not only organized, through, professional and very respectful, even the level of commitment Emily and Colt truly unbelievable, the security system is amazing, if you ever call and interact with their agents, you won’t regret calling!!, Emily and her team is great, very knowledgeable and polite agents are very responsive. I rest assure at night knowing CSP got my back!! I recommend this to everyone I meet, thank you guys again!! It’s a great team and service.
Gerardo Alvarez
21:56 08 Jun 22
Tamim was very professional and friendly. He installed our alarm system in a timely manner and without any issues. Highly recommend!
Julia Fee
17:32 08 Jun 22
Thrilled with Rabah Haddad’s expertise yesterday. He patiently listened and offered insightful feedback about best options. I felt very confident in the security system we choose because of all the helpful information that was provided. CAP helps by addressing your specific concerns with the best products. Everything is tailored to you as the customer. Highly recommended!
homeby lini
00:57 31 May 22
Tamim is very experience person. He is very knowledgeable about what he is doing we really appreciate it. Good job. Thank u so much Tamim
Jody Pierson
14:56 19 May 22
Tamim was on time, extremely polite & explained everything very clearly. I also liked that he discussed many different options with me about where to install key pad. He was also very good about helping me set up the app. He is an asset to your company!!
Stephanie D
19:21 10 May 22
Curtis was very knowledgeable and provided honest information that helped me make the best decision for my business alarm + lock systems.
Ran Mo
16:16 06 May 22
Tamim is very professional and knowledgeable. We were given great services and a good training after the installation. Thank you!
Avinash Siewsingh
21:26 05 May 22
Had a wonderful experience dealing with this amazing security company today. The sales rep Katie was amazing and helpful. The installer Tamim was super friendly and helpful. Thank you!
Mike Baric
15:23 13 Apr 22
From the first call to the last moment for the install it was an excellent experience. Tamim, our technician showed up on time and walked us through the best locations for our equipment install. He was very knowledgeable and experienced and addressed all of our concerns and stayed with us until everything was working properly. The solid Canadian company with excellent staff ...highly recommended!
kamran sanaee
18:07 22 Feb 22
I really satisfied with the overall experience with CSP. Katie from the sales office is very responsive. She answered all my questions overs the phone and by email. Tamim installed the system in my house. He is a friendly and knowledgeable person in this field who explained all the installation possibilities for the devices so I can decide. I totally recommend CSP. Thank you :)
Rob Tanner
00:55 02 Feb 22
So glad I switched to CSP ! Started with Heather on the phone. She was amazing….walked me through all the options, was patient and did not try to oversell me. Communication was amazing….got an install a couple of days after making the commitment. Set up of the install was easy and seamless. Rabah came on time and was super fantastic ! Nice guy, we went through everything and he is a true security professional. We have a small dog and he helped walk us through where to put the proper motion sensors. He set everything up and then make sure to walk us through all the options, how to use the new system, etc. best experience and so happy we made the move over to them !
ahmad halabi
17:10 21 Dec 21
Great experience dealing with Anas and Tamim . . The installation process was Great. Tamim explained everything in details including suggesting multiple options for placement of camera, motion sensors. He patiently explained the console and mobile app features and patiently answered all our questions ND was very great and patient with my Kids
23:52 03 Dec 21
Tamim was an amazing service technician, he really helped me out with all my questions, got me setup with an account and notifications directly to my phone. 10 stars! I recommend Tamim for any alarm installation or technical support you need
Dante D
18:41 22 Nov 21
What a fantastic company this is. I had a couple of issues with the doorbell camera and these guys were right ON IT. Emily is super fast, super smart and super nice when assisting me. Reminds me of the service that I provide my own customers which is above and beyond! If you're looking to get an alarm installed make sure its with CSP. You won't get this level of service absolutely anywhere else.
03:50 10 Nov 21
Wonderful Customer Service! Eric is so friendly, is always helpful, books service quickly and answers all my questions. Rabah is kind, knowledgeable, explains everything very well and is an excellent technician. Eric and Rabah make my family feel very valued as customers! I highly recommend Canadian Security Professionals.
Jack Korman
21:33 18 Oct 21
We are very happy with the service we have had, they are very knowledgeable in all of the products that they sell. Emily is very prompt in getting answers for you and if she does not have the answers for you she calls back right away with the answer. I would highly recommend using them for all of your security needs, the installation was explained throughly and the work was done professionally.
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