Connected Car Mobile App

Canadian Security Professionals provides Connected Car services to allow you to track your vehicle’s location, monitor it’s diagnostic health and receive alerts for speeding, towing and more all via’s mobile app. The Car Connector uses a dedicated cellular connection and has a backup battery so you get 24/7 awareness, even when the car is parked and engine is off.

Better Security for Your Vehicles

Connected Car provides better security for your vehicles with by issuing notifications of when the car is started, when it is turned off, if there are any service lights on the dashboard, etc. You can also track the vehicle’s condition, driver safety alerts and the location of the vehicle all in real-time with the GPS tracking built into the device you can even track previous routes as well!

Connected Car Service

One App for your Home, Business and Car

The mobile app can control home/business security details as well as your vehicle as Connected Car integrates seamlessly with systems. The device is easily installed as it just plugs into your vehicle’s OBD-II port and you are ready to go!

Smart Features & Notifications You Will Love

Vehicle Alarm System Disarmed
Car location
Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics allows you to receive maintenance alerts and real-time data in the mobile app which will help keep vehicles in good working order.

  • Check Engine – allows you to know if the check engine light is on
  • Low Battery – notifies you if the car battery is low
  • Low Fuel – notifies you if the fuel level is low

Monitor Employees or Family Driving by viewing recaps of your previous trips to see previous routes and gauge fuel efficiency. You are also able to monitor drivers for speeding or adjust habits to reduce wear and tear.

  • Excessive Speeding – notifies you if there is a rapid acceleration with the vehicle
  • Sudden Acceleration – notifies you if the car is speeding
  • Hard Breaking – notifies you if there is hard braking

Vehicle Security allows you to protect one of your most valuable assets against theft and damage with location tracking and unexpected movement alerts.

  • Car Location – see the car on a map in real-time
  • Car Towed/Car Alert – you will be alerted if the car is moving and the engine is off
Vehicle Tracking System

Extend Security to Your Business Vehicles or Family Car

What if you could track your vehicle’s location, monitor its diagnostic health, and receive alerts for speeding, towing, and more—all from a mobile app? With Connected Car, you can! Fully integrated with your security system and, Connected Car keeps you aware and one step ahead of potential emergencies, no matter who’s driving or where your vehicle is located.

Keep your family safe

Is your car being driven responsibly? With real-time mobile alerts for hard braking, sudden acceleration, and excessive speeding, you’ll know for certain.

Duration, distance and efficiency data
Trip fuel usage data
Driving alert details

Have eyes on your car

Connected Car alerts you immediately to theft, towing and other unexpected movement, and flags maintenance issues to help you avoid costly repairs. And, thanks to the backup battery, you won’t have to worry about a thief (or your teen) unplugging the device to go “off the grid.”

Enhance your smart home

Connected Car also alerts you if you drive away without securing your home properly, and it can automatically trigger smart devices based on your car’s location.

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