Burglary Protection Alarm System

Home Burglary Protection

Home Burglary Protection

Don’t be a victim of a burglary.

Canadian Security Professionals Alarm Systems offer 24-hour monitoring and video surveillance to protect you and your family from falling victim to a burglary. Call us at 1-877-494-9911 for more information.

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Annually, 1.2 million Canadians fall victim to property crime, and 300,000 are victims of a violent crime. A Canadian Security Professionals representative will complete a security assessment and develop a complete solution that protects you from unwanted intruders. Once your monitored alarm system is installed, if a burglary does occur, the security system will notify the monitoring station so that police can be dispatched to your home.

Home Invasion

Home Invasion

In the case of a home invasion, our security system can help keep your family and home
safe. As long as your security system is turned on, the security system will notify the
monitoring station of a break-in as it happens. Every 2GIG alarm system keypad also
includes a police emergency panic button in case of a home intrusion or other police
emergencies. If you think you are not at risk of home invasion, unfortunately, this is not the case. Home invasions can occur anywhere and 68% of the home invasions that take place in Canada are committed by strangers. As well 62% of home invasions occurred with weapons present, and 50% led to injuries to the homeowners. Although most Canadians feel safe in their homes as guns are illegal in Canada, 33% of home invasions involved firearms.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is the latest in technology to help you combat theft, violence, and
property crime. Utilizing the latest advancements in image recognition, digital video, and database storage, you can protect your assets, and create a safer home. Video surveillance is one of the best methods to deter property crime or burglary. It not only helps scare off any potential intrusion but also provides proof a crime has been committed. This is an excellent tool to help police track down the intruders and to use it for insurance purposes.

The Benefits of a Burglary Protection Alarm System

There are many benefits to installing a burglary alarm, including:

  • Protection for your family, home, and possessions
  • Protection for your business and employees
  • Acts as a deterrent for intruders who don’t want to be caught committing a crime
  • Decreases your insurance premiums as it enhances your security
  • A higher value on the market when you sell your home
  • You can monitor your home when you are away
  • Can be integrated with your smart home technology
  • Evidence when a crime is committed
  • You can keep an eye on your kids and pets

For more information on our home security options, speak to our team today by phone at 1-877-229-7252 or email at info@cspalarms.ca.

"Choosing the right alarm company is a daunting task but right from the onset Heather was informative and unbelievably helpful."

Linda Kasprzak.


Can burglars disable alarm communication?
Our panels have many security features like the crash-and-smash feature, encrypted sensors, and tamper switches. If a burglar was to try and jam the signal or tear the panel off the wall or even destroy the panel the monitoring station would be notified and it would be treated as an alarm.  
What if a criminal breaks the control panel?
All of our security systems have Crash & Smash Protection. A crash and smash burglary are when an intruder tries to destroy the security panel to prevent it from sending any signals to the monitoring station. Usually, this happens with them breaking into the front door and destroying the panel as fast as possible. This tries to take advantage of the average 45-second delay that security systems give to the users to disarm the system when they come home or open up their business for the day. Typically once the delay time is over and if the system has not been disarmed then the siren will sound and emergency responders will be notified. Forty-five seconds is not a long time but an experienced burglar could manage to locate the alarm panel and destroy it in under 30 seconds. With Crash and Smash Protection, your system will work even if the panel is destroyed. This works because when your system starts its countdown it sends a signal and if your panel goes offline before sending a 'disarm' or 'emergency' signal then a suspected Crash and Smash signal is received by our Monitoring Stations.   
What sensors are used in a burglar alarm system?
We typically use door sensors, motion detectors and/or glass-break sensors. With that said, we customize each package for every home or business. We can add many different types of sensors and features to ensure your home or business is secure.
Do I need sensors on every window?
No, we typically recommend motion detection or glass-break sensors (pet friendly) over window sensors. A window sensor will only trigger the alarm if the window is opened - if it's smashed and not opened, the contact has no way to register anything that has happened. Window sensors can still be used to add extra protection or as a device to get notifications if you leave a window open. Window sensors also do not work well on certain types of windows including many crank-style windows.  
What other steps can I take to prevent burglars from breaking in?
You can make sure that all of your visual deterrence package (yard sign, decals) is utilized to the fullest extent so that if any potential burglars are considering breaking into your house, they are able to see that your home is protected by Canadian Security Professionals by the window decals and lawn sign. Security Cameras are also a great deterrent as some burglars do not like to break into a property that has security cameras. Also, a good door lock with lock bumping protection like the smart locks we offer can make it more difficult and time-consuming for a burglar to get through your front door.   

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