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It’s time to expect more from your security system. You can have better security, increased awareness, mobile control, and new levels of interaction through an advanced security system.

Interactive Security

Complete Security,
Convenience, and Control!

You already use your computer or cell phone to check the weather, view sports stats or pay the bills. Now it’s just as easy to stay connected to your home or business while on the go.

Start living your life… without worry!

Better Security

Protection when you need it most

Get better protection with an advanced wireless communication system. Don’t be exposed to common vulnerabilities of other systems like phone/broadband line cuts, or an unpredictable Internet connection that can drop in a power outage. Get persistent protection with always-on communication that works.

“Crash and Smash” detection technology

Exclusive “Crash and Smash” technology, developed by, ensures that even if an intruder is able to locate and destroy a security control panel in a “crash and smash” attack, a signal will still be sent to emergency responders, and an alert will be sent to you.

Two-way emergency voice

In the event of an emergency, you can count on two-way emergency voice service to immediately connect you to help without picking up the phone.

Smart Phone Home Alarm System

Interactive Solutions

Instant and complete awareness

You already use your computer or cell phone to check the weather, view sports stats or pay the bills. Now it’s just as easy to stay connected to your home or business while on the go.

Always-on protection

Make your security system work for you all the time, not just when it’s armed. You can be alerted in the event of an alarm, know when the system is disarmed, check in to see which door was opened, or find out exactly what time your kids came home. Unlike traditional systems that do nothing while the system is disarmed, our solutions keep you in touch with what’s going on at your property and alert you when something happens.

Mobile apps – a remote control in your pocket Stay connected with free mobile apps, powered by Intuitive technology and dynamic interfaces provide a convenient way to control your security system and check in while you’re away. Access your interactive security account through your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Other Internet-enabled Mobile Device.

With the app, check system status, review a history of events, arm or disarm your system and receive real-time alerts. Get convenience, awareness, and control at your fingertips.

Video Monitoring

Add video monitoring to your system and get an instant view into your home or business. IP cameras stream live video, sense movement, save recorded clips, and trigger email and text message alerts to provide you with greater peace of mind.At home, use cameras inside to check up on kids, pets and visitors, or point them outside to see activity at the front door, in the driveway or in the backyard. At your business, set up motion-triggered recordings to ensure employees are doing what they’re supposed to and keep an eye on sensitive drawers and cabinets.

*With video service, you can also view live video & recorded clips through the mobile app.

Image Sensors

The Image Sensor is a breakthrough new product that gives you an instant look into your property. It combines a traditional motion sensor, an integrated still camera, and interactive controls so you can see what is happening when you’re not there. Now, you are able to quickly and easily view what caused an alarm or simply see a snapshot of activity with an instant Peek-In.

Image Sensors

The Image Sensor can be placed in any room and will take pictures day and night. Use it to identify intruders or detect false alarms when the system is armed, and to check-in on scheduled guests such as the housekeeper, pet sitter, babysitter, or maintenance personnel at any time. You can also set it up to keep an eye on specific areas like the office, bar or storage room. It will even automatically notify you via text or email with an image attachment when it has taken a picture.

Looking back at images is easy. Simply use’s mobile apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices or just access your secure online account. All images are securely stored in a searchable library where they can be named and archived for quick retrieval. Now it’s easy to experience visual peace of mind.

Automation & Energy Management

Feature-rich, intelligent, energy savingMake your home or business smarter with intelligent automation of your lights, locks, appliances and thermostat settings, or utilize energy-saving smart schedules. This service uses triggers like the time of day, day of week and status of the security system to help make your property run more efficiently. With it, you can:

Automation Security SystemSet your home to warm up or cool down when you leave for the day

Automation LockAutomatically lock the door whenever you arm your security system

Automation/Energy ServiceTurn on certain lights when the system is disarmed or a door is opened

*With automation/energy service, you can also turn the lights on/off, lock or unlock the doors and change the temperature through the mobile app.

Security Camera
Security Camera 1
Security Camera 2
Security Camera Monitoring

"We had an alarm setup in our commercial office space by CSP. The amazing service started with Adam, who helped us understand what we needed."

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When I use interative security systems, is my information secure?
Yes, your information is secure as our smart security features are powered by which uses bank-grade AES-256 encryption solutions.   
Can I use VOIP or digital phone lines for my alarm system?
No, we do not use any form of phone line for our security systems. We solely use GSM connectivity (cell signal) as it is the most secure and reliable method to avoid a burglar from compromising your security. A VOIP, IP, or phone line connection can all be compromised by simply cutting a wire or disconnecting your internet.
Will my pet trigger a false alarm with the motion detector?
While the motion sensors are pet friendly up to approx. 40lbs, we cannot guarantee a pet (or multiple pets) running around, jumping up on furniture etc will not trigger the motion. Depending on their activity level it is possible for them to register as larger than they are. In these situations, we recommend glass-break sensors that are completely pet friendly.   
What if my cell phone dies – how do I contact my alarm company?
You are able to communicate with the monitoring station directly through the keypad speaker using the 2-way voice feature if there is an emergency and the alarm is sounding.
Can I use one of my security cameras as a baby monitor?
You would be able to use the indoor camera as a baby monitor since the camera could be viewed in our app and there is a 2-way voice option on the camera so that you could talk through the camera and listen to the audio. Motion notifications can be set up but audio notifications can not. Also after a few minutes, the live view of the camera times out on your phone. Because of this, we would recommend against using it in this capacity. Usually, the best baby monitors are ones designed for that purpose that have a handheld device that can give a continuous live stream of video and audio.   

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