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Your residential property has specific needs when it comes to security alarm systems and wireless home alarm monitoring. With CSP, you can achieve home alarm monitoring without a phone line and keep your family and guests safe with our top of the line products that protect you from invaders and other types of emergencies including fires, high levels of carbon monoxide, floods and water damage and abnormal temperatures.

Our home security systems are easy to operate and can be customized to fit your lifestyle. We can install wired, wireless or a combination of devices that best suit your needs. CSP understands the importance of protecting and securing what you love and value, and that’s why we’re a leader among other home security companies in Ontario and British Columbia.



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Home Security System Monitoring

Our monitoring centres are located in Canada and combine the very latest in technology with a best-in-class training program for their Emergency Response Operators. With 12 weeks of in-house training and practicum learning, the operators learn to respond to emergency alarm situations and medical emergencies with precision and professionalism. In addition to this training, all of the operators become certified with the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA). This means our teams are prepared to handle any and every emergency that you may face in your home or business.

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Home Security System Monitoring
Home Security Automation Add-Ons

Home Security Automation Add-Ons

Our Home Automation system enables all the devices in your home to communicate with each other without your intervention. So you do less while getting more security and convenience. It is our goal to provide you with products that make your house work smarter for you.

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What is the warranty and technical support provided?

All labour and material for newly installed systems and equipment is guaranteed to be free from defect for a period of (1) year. following the date of equipment installation, without expense to the customer, including the replacement or repair of any piece of equipment, excluding batteries, that proves defective due to the materials used or its installation. Nearly all of our newly installed home security system packages include an extended warranty in which case the warranty is in effect as long as the customer continues their monitoring services with CSP and has no overdue balance owed to CSP. The extended warranty will cover the home alarm system equipment and labor, excluding batteries, cameras and any automation devices.

Is professional installation required, or can I install the home alarm system myself?

Professional installation of your home security system is highly recommended to ensure your system is installed correctly. We do have options for you to install your home alarm system yourself although it would void any warranty on parts and labour that we would normally include on a newly installed system.

How long is the contract for professionally monitored home security systems?

Standard contract term options for a home security system are 36 months, 48 months and 60 months. We do offer a price lock guarantee for the monitoring of your home alarm system during the term of the contract.

What happens in the event of a power outage or internet disruption?

In the event of a power outage your home alarm system will continue to function for up to 24 hours using the included backup battery. There are automatic power saving features that turn on in your home security system during a power outage in order to maximize the amount of time the system can conitnue to work using only the backup battery. The backup battery will automatically charge itself once power returns. Any security cameras at your property will stop working in the case of a power outage unless you purchase a UPS backup for them. In the event your home internet is offline your home alarm system will continue to function normally as it uses its own dedicated cellular connection. Wi-Fi based security cameras will not function when the internet at your home is down. If you have a wired security camera system then the cameras will continue to record to the NVR even while the internet is down, although you will not be able to view your cameras remotely on an app until the internet is back online.

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