Medical Panic Pendants

Medical Panic Pendants

Protect yourself during
Medical Emergencies.

A medical pendant or medical panic button can be carried around as a watch or a necklace and can work up to 300 feet from your home or business. A medical pendant can help you notify emergency help quickly. Our pendants have a built-in fall detector, automatically detecting when someone falls. This then notifies our monitoring stations and we can get the ambulance on their way, helping save you or others in a time of need.

Start living your life… without worry!

Medical Emergencies

Our medical pendants are the best way to protect yourself in case of a medical emergency. If you are a senior citizen living on your own or someone with a disability, this can help you get an ambulance to your house by just the push of a button.

All our systems include a medical panic button on the keypad in case of a medical emergency. At the touch of a button, our monitor stations will be aware that there is a medical emergency and can dispatch the proper authorities to your home or business.

A medical pendant or medical panic button can be used for extra medical protection. In the case of an emergency, a medical pendant is a must!

Ageing in Place

Ageing in place has become a more popular option for seniors who wish to remain in their homes. Whether you or a loved one has chosen ageing in place, their home should be made as safe as possible. Part of accommodating health and mobility changes should include an emergency button or medical panic pendant. The pendant is the best option, as it allows those experiencing a health emergency a quick way to call for assistance without the need to get to a button. The pendant is with them at all times, providing the easiest way to call for help.

Minimize Risk and Increase Chance of Recovery

Common health emergencies at home, such as falls, heart attacks, or stroke, require prompt medical assistance. The sooner emergency help arrives, the less risk there is for permanent injury or death. According to experts, a fast response is key to seeing the best possible outcomes. A medical panic pendant helps ensure:

  • Emergency teams will be on their way within the recommended 5 minutes to reduce risk
  • Heart attack treatment can be available within the recommended one hour following the start of symptoms
  • Wait times that decrease the odds of stroke survival by 4% for every 15 minutes are reduced
  • The leading cause of fatal injury to seniors, falls, will see a fast medical response to reduce the odds of fatality

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Can the medical panic pendant be worn in the shower?
Yes, the device is water-resistant.
How does a medical alert device work?
The device can be worn on your wrist or around your neck & has a button to press in an emergency situation. This signal then goes to the monitoring station & they are able to dispatch an ambulance on your behalf.
Are the medical alert devices shock-resistant?
Yes, the device is shock-resistant.
Do you require a landline or internet for these medical pendants to work?
No, our systems run solely through a dedicated cellular connection which is built right into the back of the control panel.
How do you sleep wearing a medical pendant?
The medical pendant comes in necklace or bracelet form so you are able to wear either while sleeping. However, some people prefer to take it off and keep it on the nightstand. If anything were to happen it is still within reaching distance to press.

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