Two Way Voice Security System

2-Way Voice Security

2-Way Voice Communication

Live communication between our monitoring stations and your home anytime there is an emergency.

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Helping you feel safe in your own home is our number one priority. At Canadian Security Professionals, our home security packages are designed to provide all the features you desire to protect you, your family and your possessions. Today’s communication technology is changing every day, and we remain on the leading edge to ensure that your home two-way voice security system is easy to integrate with your mobile phone and smart home technology. You will always be in contact with our team, ensuring when you are faced with an emergency, we are ready to help. We can provide voice support, so you know help is on its way. To have the ultimate protection for your home, many options may be included with your CSP security system package, as shown below.

SkyGARD™ Wireless Wireless Cellular Connection

Gone are the days when you could only secure your home when a traditional phone line was available. At CSP we no longer offer a traditional phone line connection to your security system. We only offer a dedicated cellular connection as we find it to be an essential extra layer of protection to ensure the safety of your home or business. This method provides our customers with a secure connection between their alarm system and our Monitoring Centres, ensuring that your security system is always connected and your home and business are always secure. This technology uses a wireless LTE Cellular connection to the monitoring station instead of a traditional phone line connection.

Two-Way Voice Response

Two-Way Voice Response

Two-Way Voice Response offers hands-free communications between customers and our Monitoring Centres during an alarm. Our operators can communicate directly with you to get the necessary information to effectively handle your situation. Live communication and instant understanding will result in better responses for you.

SkyGARD™ Wireless

Lifetime Service Protection

Lifetime Service Protection is designed to protect the life of your security system while saving you from the worries of unexpected repair or maintenance bills. Lifetime Service Protection guarantees: Your investment is secure, You get unlimited service calls, You get parts and labour at no charge, Your system is always operating at optimum performance.

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How do I contact my alarm company if I lose my cell signal?
You can communicate with the monitoring station directly through the keypad using the 2-Way voice feature or call our toll free number using a landline phone. You may also contact us through your app if you can get an internet connection or via email at  
Do I need to call my alarm company after the alarm goes off?
No, the monitoring station will contact you. If for any reason you miss their call, it is important that you do call back to confirm emergency services are not required if it is a false alarm.
What do I do if my alarm accidently goes off?
If your security system accidentally triggers a burglary alarm, you can either disarm the system remotely through your phone and cancel the alarm within the app, or disarm the system directly from the keypad. If you do not do this quick enough you would then receive a call from the monitoring station either through the 2-Way voice feature or by phone and you would need to confirm that it is in fact a false alarm.  
Will someone always be available to contact if my alarm goes off?
Yes, the monitoring stations are always available 24/7, 365 days a year.
Do I need cellular data to access my alarm system from my phone?
As with most apps, you require either a Wi-Fi connection or cellular data to access the app remotely.

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