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Our Home Automation system marks the evolution of the standard smart house system. It uses state-of-the-art technology to seamlessly connect the devices in your home for the purposes of creating a comfortable experience for you and your loved ones, saving energy, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Installing our Home Automation system is like giving your house a brain. It will monitor and control a range of devices to maximise comfort, safety, convenience, and energy savings, all in response to your schedule or event.

Seamless Integration

Canadian Security Professionals connects all the major devices in your home to offer you smart, responsive automation and flawless control that you can’t get from standard stand-alone solutions. Your system is based on our intelligent services platform, giving you superior control, improved awareness, and access to dependable state-of-the-art technology.
Minimal intervention will be required from you, with all control of the system being performed via a single app, whether you are home or anywhere else in the world.

Home Automation

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning
We gather data from all your connected devices and get them to work together flawlessly, transforming your home into an intelligent ecosystem that learns and adapts to suit your lifestyle.

  • Multi-sensor Learning: Traditional systems relied on intelligence from a single source, like motion detection, to try to learn your activity patterns. Our advanced Home Automation system takes intelligence from all the connected points in your home – motion activity or inactivity, door and window opening/closing, arming/disarming the security system, security sensors, and more. The result is more accurate data, a system with better understanding of your routines and activities, and superior adaptation of your Home Automation system to suit your needs.
  • Predictive Performance: You can make a more decisive plan to save energy and money, and track how the changes affect your bottom line. Our Energy Monitoring system can take your home’s activity pattern data and highly complex algorithms to help you compare various temperature schedules and settings to maximise the savings on energy use and costs.

The ultimate result is a highly adaptive environment that goes beyond automated lights or a Smart Thermostat.

Command Link

With our Home Automation system, all devices connected in the system “talk” to each other. This means that you don’t have to send commands to each of the devices. Instead, you can set customisable triggers so that a single command impacts your thermostat, lights, and door locks.

  • Personalisation: The flexible rules engine gives the owner precise control over their Home Automation system so it functions exactly the way you want. You can create multiple settings, so you have one for when your children arrive home after school, another one for the weekends, and many more as need be.
  • Triggers: One of the objectives for automating your home devices is to receive the same level of security and convenience (or more) without doing as much work. So, you can use custom triggers to simplify your daily routine by consolidating multiple actions into a single action to control your thermostat, locks, and lights automatically. For instance, you can create a trigger to automatically turn off the lights and arm the security system when you leave and lock the front door. So locking the door automatically activates the other tasks without your intervention.
  • Instant Alerts: Never miss an event in your home or office by receiving real-time text or image alerts the instant something happens. You can receive a text or image when the front door is unlocked; a video alert when motion is detected in the basement; or if someone enters your home office when you’re away. There are multiple options for customising the alerts – by device, time of day, day of the week, and you can even turn them on/off as you please.
  • Location Based Geo-Services: Our Geo-Services add to your home automation by adjusting automatically in response to your location. So when your leave for work, the thermostat automatically adjusts to save energy. You also receive a reminder through your phone if you leave your house without arming the security system.

With Command Link, you do less and achieve improved security and convenience.

Command Link

Continual Improvement: Innovation and Flexibility

With rapid changes in technology and the constant innovation of new products, the concept of a connected home is changing quickly. It is important that you partner with a security company that will grow with you.

  • Continuous updates: We frequently launch new functionality to boost the system. The new features can be accessed by simply updating your app
  • Adding Devices: Your devices are connected via an advanced cloud service so that any new Smart devices can be added to your system as they come.

"Great company from sales to install . Fast install and friendly knowledgeable installers . Helped with setup and made everything easy to understand. Very nice system with cameras ."

Craig Kawucha.


Do I need special wiring to accommodate home automation?
No, you do not need special wiring to accommodate home automation. Every automation device is different although many of them are completely wireless like the smart door locks, security sensors, garage door control, smart light bulbs, Lutron shades, etc. Smart thermostats and smart doorbell cameras use your existing thermostat or doorbell wires. However, some HVAC systems may not be compatible with our thermostat.  
Can you access and monitor home automation features remotely?
Yes, through the MyCSP app powered by Alarm.com you are able to remotely access the alarm system, video cameras & any home automation devices. This allows you to have full control of your home from anywhere in the world through one convenient app.
What are the benefits of home automation?
Home automation gives you additional security, safety, savings and convenience. You have the ability to control your lighting, thermostat, door locks, etc. all from your fingertips, giving you peace of mind that your home is safe and in your control. Whether this means double-checking that the front door is locked, that you didn't leave your garage door open, making sure your kids arrived home from school, or even automatically turning on the front porch light anytime you open the front door at night. You will also save on your energy bills by being able to monitor, adjust, and set schedules for your thermostat and lighting right from your smartphone. All devices we install integrate together so you can set a rule for example that automatically adjusts the temperature in your home, locks the front door, and turns off the lights just by arming your security system to the "Away" mode. Also with custom Scenes, you can control multiple devices by pushing one button or by using Siri or Amazon Alexa. For example, you could create a Scene called Home and when that scene is selected it can unlock your door, disarm your security system, turn on a light, and set your thermostat to your desired temperature. Home Automation also allows you to set many different types of notifications so that you know right away if a door was left open or that you forgot to arm your security system.  
Is home automation only for smart homes?
No, home automation is not only for smart homes. Any home is capable of using home automation products.

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