How to use Siri for voice integration in your home security alarm system?

Using Siri for Home Security: Voice Integration...

July 1, 2020

Voice control is one of the most exciting smart device control features that were previously only a feature in sci-fi stories. The advent of voice assistants is quickly changing how consumers interact with their high tech security products.
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Questions to help determine the best home security solution

5 Questions to Ask Your Home Security Company

June 22, 2020

Many people assume that burglars are professional criminals who find a target, study your movement, and then plan when to strike. However, in reality, the typical burglar is usually an opportunistic person looking to make a quick profit without getting caught. They want an easy way to get into your home and leave without being disturbed or seen.
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Best security product of the year

Best Security Product of the Year: Smart Signal...

May 11, 2020

Are you looking for home security products that give you the most value for your investment? Choosing the best security system can be a challenge, given the numerous options for equipment and services. But with the rapid changes in technology, you can narrow down your options by looking at the newest home security products released by a reputable security service provider.
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Common mistakes while choosing a home security camera

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Home...

March 9, 2020

A home security camera may be the key to preventing a break-in. One TV news station surveyed what deters burglars, and many indicated that a camera at home would cause them to think twice before targeting the home. Securing your home can be an exciting but challenging process. Adding a camera to your home security system is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family.
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Pros of Using a Wireless Home Alarm System

Pros of Using a Wireless Home Alarm System

December 9, 2019

Wireless alarm systems have become increasingly popular compared to wired alarm systems for improving security in both residences and offices. A home alarm system is a great way to protect your loved ones, valuables, and property when you’re sleeping or away, and even when you’re awake at home but preoccupied with some other household chores such that you might be prone to intrusions.
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