Smart Business Security Apps

Our smart business security app will ensure that you can interact with your smart business security system from anywhere and at any time. Available for smartphones, tablets, and computers, The app and website will give you the ability to easily manage or monitor the security of your business. Our intuitive, easy to use interface makes learning to use the app to manage and monitor the going ons at your commercial property simple.

Smart Business Security Apps

Mobile Devices

By downloading one of our smart business security apps onto your smartphone or tablet, you’ll have control of the security of your company in the palm of your hand. From a single screen, and aided by a control panel designed to be intuitive, you’ll be able to monitor what’s happening at your commercial property, such as emergency situations, when a sensor has been triggered, or even who is coming and going from your business. Whether you’re at home, at the cottage, on a trip out of the country, or out visiting customers, you’ll be able to check in via live video feeds, arm or disarm your smart business security system, adjust thermostats, lock the door, and investigate any notifications sent to you. The apps are available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you can get our smart business security app for this device. Our app for Apple Watch will make it easy for you to exercise a great deal of control over your smart business security system. Whether you need to arm or disarm the system, adjust thermostats, or view live video, you’ll be able to do so easily with our app for Apple Watch.

Voice Commands for Voice Control

With Voice Control, you won’t have to so much as tap a button on your smartphone or tablet to monitor your security using Canadian Security Professionals app, which will allow you to make things happen with a few simple verbal commands. With Amazon Alexa and Google Home integrated into your smart business security system, you’ll be able to make verbal requests in order to get your smart business security system to arm or disarm, adjust the temperature to conserve energy, and lock or unlock your doors.

TV Monitoring

Whether you’re in your office, a workplace conference room, or even perhaps in the employee lounge, you can see your Canadian Security Professionals live HD video streams on Smart TV screens using our apps. So, if you happen to be viewing a TV at work, all you have to do is open your Canadian Security Professionals app to find out what’s happening. This opens up yet another avenue for staying informed on what’s happening at work.

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