Business Security Access Control System

When you think of a robbery or home intrusion, you probably visualise a daring burglar masterfully disabling the alarms and using a weak point in your attic windows to gain access into your home. However, most threats enter through the front door.

Business Security Access Control System

Canadian Security Professionals provide access control garage doors and locks to eliminate worries that you may have left your entry points unlocked. With Smart access control, you no longer have to entrust the key or code to your home to the wrong people. We help you establish a strong first line of defence for keeping your loved ones and valuables secure.

Better Security with Access Control Security Systems

If you have been locking your entry door and leaving the key in one of the usual places – under the mat, a stone or a flower vase – or worrying that you may have left your garage door open, you should consider using the Access Control solutions offered by Canadian Security Professionals.

Access control provides you with total visibility and control over all the entry points of your home or property, which dramatically enhances your security. We integrate your garage door control and door locks seamlessly to our intelligent platform, giving you the same customised automation options, control, and real-time visibility that you have become accustomed to with your Smart security system.

Control for Garage Doors

You can manage your garage doors automatically or on-demand using your mobile device or laptop. Mobile access control lets you open and close the garage door from anywhere in the world. And for peace of mind, you get a reminder if you forget to close it.

  • You can check in your mobile device or laptop to see if your garage door is closed wherever you are
  • You automatically close your garage door every time you arm your system

Garage Doors Access Control

Control for Door Locks

A seamless integration of your door locks to our intelligent platform gives you real-time control, visibility, and customised automation options. If planning to give temporary access to your visitors, you can utilise Unique User Codes and receive alerts whenever they lock or unlock the door.

  • You can automatically lock the door by simply arming the system
  • Receive a text alert whenever the door gets unlocked

Remote Control

You can use our mobile app to control the garage door and lock/unlock your doors from anywhere in the world. The app also lets you view the status of your garage and doors remotely to know if they are secured or not.


You can receive a reminder on your mobile device if you forget to close the garage door when you leave home. Moreover, you have the option to personalise your notifications so you receive alerts for only the things that matter to you. For instance, you can receive a notification anytime the dog walker (with their own unique access codes) arrives, or receive a no-show alert if your children don’t arrive at home by a certain time.

Unique User Codes

You have the option to give your visitors temporary access to your home with unique lock codes, and receive alerts whenever they lock or unlock the door.

You can customise the permissions of each of your visitors by setting rules that allow specific user codes to have access only during the specified periods. For instance, you can set the contractor’s code to only work between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on weekdays, and disable it at any other time.

You can customise user-specific rules for your convenience. For instance, you can automatically disarm the security system when a specific code is used to unlock the main door, so you won’t have to input the security code as well.

Automation and Triggers

You can set your security system to automatically disarm when you unlock the garage door or entry door every weekday between 5:30 pm and 8:00 pm.

Make Life Easier and Safer with Access Control

The problem with keys is that they can be easily stolen or copied. Without a smart door detection system, your entry doors can be inadvertently left open, or your home intruded without your knowledge.

CSP Alarm’s advanced access control system lets you monitor and control all the entry points to your home 24/7 remotely, from anywhere in the world. When you make the decision to improve the security of your home with our access control platform for your garage doors and locks, you benefit from:

  • Friendly and expert customer service
  • Advanced security hardware for your home
  • Professional installation by skilled technicians
  • An integrated security system that links your Security system to your Access Control

CSP Alarms integrates your door locks and garage door opener into your Smart Home and smartphone platform, giving you access to real-time images and video – and customisable control options to tailor your home security system so it suits your lifestyle.

"Had good communication with the sales person. He explained everything in detail. There was no hidden charges. Everything was straight forward."

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