Interactive Business Security System

When navigating the business landscape in our digital era, it pays to take advantage of the wide range of security tools that are available to keep pace with the risks facing small and medium-sized companies. Research shows that break-in attempts are most likely to take place at night, when the business is being closed for the day or in the wee hours of the morning. In other words, burglars tend to carry out their criminal acts when foot traffic is at a minimum.

Installing proper lighting and strong locks are just a couple of common sense things your business can do to reduce the odds of being targeted by criminals. But this is not enough to safeguard against every kind of threat that you face, which is why smart business security systems make sense.

Professionally Monitored Security

With Canadian Security Professionals, you get professionally monitored security. Even the best security system will have holes if it’s unmonitored, because its effectiveness will largely depend on whether or not someone at your company is on hand to intervene—if it is even safe to do so. If you opt for professionally monitored security, however, you’ll be able to safeguard your business assets, employees, and customers with 24/7 professional monitoring and emergency response service. Our systems are monitored by the best monitoring stations across Canada, which means that we have the ability to assist you whenever you need it and where ever you need it.

Interactive Business Security System

Constant Connection

When you opt to go with Canadian Security Professionals, you can count on a dedicated connection. We use a tamper-resistant cellular connection that is specific to your smart business security system. You won’t have to worry about any downtime owing to things like boisterous weather systems or the intervention of criminal elements, because our signaling technology will work even if your phone line, cable, broadband, or power supply is out of commission.

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Total Control from Anywhere

Our 24/7 security monitoring doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to play a hands-on role. With our smart business security app that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to arm and disarm your system from anywhere in the world, at any time, check up on your system’s status, and view who is coming to and leaving your business property. You will also be able to keep a tab on all the important activity on your property 24/7 by choosing customizable text, push notification, and email alerts.  If you want to be notified if your business opens up late, or if your staff forgets to arm the security system, or even if an employee disarms your system in the middle of the night you can be notified automatically right on your smartphone. Whether you want to be in the loop only in cases of emergency, or you want to know about all activity, you’ll be able to get all the relevant notifications you want.

User Codes

One important function of an effective security system for your business is the ability to know when employees come and go, which is why we provide an easy way for you to create unique user codes. You’ll also be able to disable these codes within minutes from your smartphone or tablet whenever an employee leaves the company.

"Excellent service from original contact, who immediately responded to my queries, to providing a quote based on my needs, and the professional installer. System is everything I wanted and then some."

Luke Desimone.


What are the advantages of an interactive security system?
An interactive system allows you to fully monitor & be in control of your system at all times. You can set up custom notifications and reminders which allow you to always know what's going on at your business. You can arm and disarm your alarm system from anywhere in the world right from your smartphone. Also, you can check up on all event history such as anytime a door opens or closes, who disarmed the system and when etc. Some notifications you can set up include getting notified if your employees opened the business late, reminders to arm the security system after closing hours if an employee forgot to arm the system, get a notification any time the system is disarmed, etc.   
How many emergency contacts can I have set up for notification?
We recommend up to 4 emergency contacts if the alarm detects an emergency, but we are able to add more if you would like. For smartphone notifications, you can set up as many users as you would like right from your App.  
What happens when there’s a false alarm?
If police are dispatched there can be false alarm fees, it depends on which police department covers your area and what their protocol and fees are.
How do I protect my outdoor security cameras from the weather?
All of our security cameras are built for all the Canadian seasons so there is no need to worry about protecting the camera from the weather.
Is there a max to how many user codes I can allow on my security system?
Every system is different although our most used systems allow for up to 64 separate codes functioning at any given time. If more is required we do have other options that will meet your requirements.  

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