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Smart Locks TouchOur smart locks allow you to open or lock your door using your smartphone, regardless of your physical location. This is not only beneficial for times that you’re not quite sure whether or not you locked the door, but is great for granting access to a family member or guest, no matter where you are in the world. No more hiding a key in one of the usual places – under the mat, a stone, or a flower vase – or worrying that you may have left your door unlocked or garage door open. By simply using an app on your phone, you can achieve various important functions. For example, since the app is integrated with the security system, you can set specific rules, such as the door automatically locking after arming the security system on your way out.

Lock Codes

You have the ability to create, edit or delete unique lock codes for each user right from our security system smartphone app. Also, you can limit or allow access by setting specific dates and times if you have a nanny, cleaning service, or dog walker. No need to worry about having to re-key the locks, you can disable the codes at any time you choose.

Controlling False Alarms

Since each user will have their own lock code, it will be easier for them to remember what to enter when disarming or arming the alarm. Naturally, this will minimize the human error of trying to remember one shared system code and avoid any false alarms.

Garage Doors

Asides from main entrances, the garage door is another entry point that must be secured and now you can remotely open or close the door at your discretion. You will receive instant notifications if your garage doors have been left open unattended.  


With the App, you can receive instant notifications right to your smartphone, saving you a lot of time, energy and money. For example, if one of your family members forget to secure the alarm or leaves the door unlocked, you can lock and arm your system immediately right from your phone. You can receive a notification anytime the dog walker (with their own unique access code) arrives, or receive a no-show alert if your children don’t arrive at home by a certain time. If you rent out your home or cottage another great feature is that you can give your visitors temporary access to your home with unique lock codes that expire after that rental period is over. You can also receive alerts when they arrive and unlock the door. Also, with notifications you can remember to monitor your energy consumption by controlling the lights and thermostat while you’re away.

Simple Design and Integration

The Weiser SmartCode keyless entry lock has a modern and sleek design, making them very easy to use and a great enhancement to any door. Also, it has backlit lighting for improved visibility in dark settings. With just a screwdriver and no hard wiring necessary, we can replace your existing hardware in no time. Once installed, all you need is 4 AA batteries which generally last for one year!

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What type of Wi-Fi signal can I connect the Smart Locks to?
They do not connect to a Wi-Fi signal, they communicate with the security system's keypad using Z-Wave technology. We try to avoid using Wi-Fi locks as Z-Wave technology is more secure and allows your locks smart features to work properly even when your home's internet is down.
How are smart locks powered?
The smart locks are powered by 4 "AA" batteries. Battery life depends on how often the lock is used but could last up to 1 year. To significantly extend the battery life we recommend using Energizer Lithium "AA" batteries.   
What happens if there is a power outage and my internet is off?
That isn't a problem, our smart door locks run on batteries, and they communicate with the keypad which has a backup battery built-in and communicates through a dedicated cellular connection, not through your internet.  
What do I do if my smart lock isn’t working?
We recommend changing the batteries first, if it still isn't working give our tech support team a call.   
Why is a smart lock better at protecting my home than a traditional lock?
A smart lock allows you to have full control & access from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. You can also set up notifications so any time your door is unlocked, you can be aware of it.   

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