Energy Management System

Our Energy Management solution helps you achieve smarter energy savings by connecting all your devices into a responsive system that can be easily controlled from your mobile device. The system automatically adjusts to you so you stay comfortable and achieve real energy savings without compromise.

You can control your smart thermostats, sensors, and lights from a single app in your smartphone, and also receive instant alerts when the temperature changes so your home is at the right temperature when you get there.

Smart Thermostat

Your system gathers all available sensor data and, combined with external weather conditions and your location information, optimises your home climate.

  • Location-based automation: With a Smart Thermostat, you can input your location data using our Geo-Services. This will allow your thermostat to dial down to an appropriate, energy saving temperature when there is no one home, and start re-adjusting to the right temperature just before you or a loved one arrives home.
  • Connected to your security system: The Smart Thermostat is connected to your home’s security system, including the windows, doors, and motion sensors, in order to identify real-time activity in the home and optimise the thermostat for maximum energy savings.
  • Responsive Savings: The Smart Thermostat monitors indoor and outdoor conditions and responds automatically for maximum energy savings. For instance, if you open the doors and windows during a hot day, it automatically adjusts to reduce energy waste.
  • Your Energy Management solution is synchronised with other sensors and devices in your home to react accordingly. For instance, if you leave the door and windows open for a long time, the AC can automatically shut to minimise energy waste, and then automatically adjust when you activate the alarm system.

This eliminates guesswork from your efforts to conserve energy, and allows your home to self-regulate accordingly without lifting a finger.

Smart Thermostat

Custom Automation

Your Energy Management solution seamlessly integrates all Smart security devices in your home, so everything responds automatically to your daily routine.

  • Smart Schedules: This feature lets you create personalised light and thermostat schedules to automate the time of day, and which days per week, they will come on to keep your home comfortable before you get there.
  • Triggered Automation: You can make your lights and thermostat adjust automatically in response to various activities in your home. For instance, you can set the entry light to turn on when the door is locked, or set the temperature to change once you activate your alarm system.
  • Intelligent lighting: This is an exciting feature that ensures your lights stay off when there is no one home so there’s no energy wasted. You can have your lights come on automatically when you or a family member walks in the door, turn them on or off remotely, or create a schedule for them to come on at sunset every day or on/off at set intervals so it looks like there is someone home when on holiday, for example.

Climate and Ambiance Control On-the-Go

Our system lets you control thermostats and lights automatically, and remotely on-the-go. You can customise the temperature schedules so that whatever time you come home, the environment will be nice and comfortable.

You can stay in control of your home’s energy utilisation with a single mobile app by:

  • Adjusting your thermostat on-the-go
  • Activating/deactivating schedules on-the-go
  • Changing between home/away mode to optimise energy savings

Measurable Results

Get measurable data and insights into your home energy use to see where you are consuming the most energy, and then make changes that have tangible effect. You can also track the outcome of your energy management plan on energy use and cost so you stay on track to achieve your goals.

We provide:

  • Energy Monitoring: Gives you a baseline of your home’s total energy use, as well as energy use by device. This will allow you to keep track of your total energy use, and identify the highest energy consuming devices.
  • Solar Energy Integration: If you have installed solar panels, you can keep track of how your renewable energy solution offsets your total energy use.

Year Round Comfort and Energy Savings

Canadian Security Professionals are proud to provide our Green-minded clients with a convenient Energy Management solution that saves them up to 30 percent on their home energy bill.

Our unique Energy Management solution lets you establish a program to manage energy consumption or control events from your smartphone anywhere in the world.

You can also control your lighting for other reasons besides energy savings and security. For instance, you can use this for entertainment to create scenes and schedules for ambiance, and track light-related activities by receiving alerts every time a light is turned on or off.

By integrating different devices in your home, you can use your Energy Management solution to set schedules for air conditioners, furnaces, lighting, and other devices, right from your smartphone, and anywhere in the world.

Energy Management Solution

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Can a smart thermostat really save me money?
Yes, the smart thermostat is extremely efficient. You are able to set up different schedules and scenes that will automatically adjust the temperature and use of your HVAC system in your home so you are able to save energy and money! The smart thermostats are Energy Star certified and save an average of 9-16% of energy when heating and 15-23% of energy when cooling.   
How accurate is a smart thermostat?
The smart thermostat provides an accurate reading within 0.5°.
Can I install a smart thermostat even if the rest of my home isn’t a smart home?
Yes, a smart thermostat can be installed even if you have no other smart devices in your home.  
How can I save energy with smart thermostats?
Smart thermostats are extremely efficient. You are able to set up different schedules and scenes that will automatically adjust the temperature and use of the HVAC system in your home so you are able to save energy and money! For example, you could have the temperature change automatically when the last person leaves your home and go back to a comfortable temperature any time someone comes home.  

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