4 Reasons Your Home Needs a Smart Thermostat

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Smart Thermostats in Canada

Canadians have an innate understanding of how fast the weather can change. From nights below freezing to hot, sunny afternoons, drastic temperature shifts can wreak havoc on the natural temperature of your home. Not only is this uncomfortable and tedious, but it can cost you a fortune in temperature control, especially if you pay to heat your house every day in the cold seasons or pay for air conditioning all summer. The alternative: Smart Thermostats.

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What is a Smart Thermostat?

Smart Thermostats offer absolute climate control in your home at all times. They are the most efficient and convenient way to heat or cool your home, and their intuitive design allows you to customize your settings so you can tailor them to your unique lifestyle. Not only that, these intuitive thermostats will reduce your energy usage, which can save you a fortune in heating and utility bills. Many new homes in Canada are being built with custom Smart Thermostats, thanks to their eco-friendly design and user-friendly interface.

At Canadian Security Professionals, we have a great deal of experience working with this modern climate control technology, and we are happy to work with you to create a custom thermostat unit for your home. Here are four reasons why a Smart Thermostat is a great investment for your home:

1) Automated or live controls for unmatched convenience

Smart Thermostats can be connected to your phone via the climate control app, so you can adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere with Wi-Fi. Your phone or mobile device acts as a remote control, which you can also sync with your lights and locks for added convenience. If you want your house to be warm and toasty before you get home from work, simply turn up the thermostat from your phone – it’s as easy as that!

For those who prefer a low-maintenance, automated system, you can simply configure the Smart Thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature of your home when it gets too low or too high. There are even thermostats on the market that will learn from your typical behaviours and personal temperature preferences and automatically adjust to suit your habits. At Canadian Security Professionals, we will work with you to create a home thermostat system that is right for you and your home, and we are happy to offer a quote on a thermostat/lighting combination.

2) Minimize energy usage and save money

Smart Thermostats can automatically adjust the temperature of your home based on a wide variety of factors including outdoor temperature, humidity, season, and time of day. By optimizing the temperature in your home at all times, the Smart Thermostat will reduce the amount of energy it takes to heat and cool your house. Not only will this reduce your environmental footprint, but it will help you save some money on your heating and utility bills.

Beyond the automatic adjustments, you can also control the thermostat from your phone or through specific timers. In this way, it is easy to regulate the temperature of your home while you are at work or on vacation. As many new homes are being built with Smart Thermostats and automated lighting combinations, this investment can also increase the value of your home. For more information on Smart Thermostats, or for tips on how to reduce the environmental impact of your home, click here.

3) The ultimate comfort of climate control

Beyond its energy-saving features and convenient, intuitive design, the Smart Thermostat offers ultimate comfort. The automatic on/off setting can be configured to turn the heat or air conditioning on when a person enters a room, and you can customize the system so that each room in your house can be a different temperature. All of this can be done from your cell phone, tablet, or computer. You can make sure your home is always set at “room temperature” or adjust it while on-the-go to anticipate drastic cold fronts or heat waves. Not only will this thermostat keep you comfortable in the climate of your home all year round, but it reduces the hassle of paying attention to your heat and air conditioning usage. The automated system keeps track of it all.

4) Keep track of your results

Not only is this thermostat connected to your mobile device, it keeps track of all of your settings and the environmental conditions of your home. With enough data, you can program the thermostat to intuitively react to changing conditions based on your habits. As a result, if you consistently turn on the air conditioning when the house heats up to 24 degrees Celsius, the automated system will continue this habit.

Beyond the convenience factor, it also tracks your energy usage over time. For people who love finding unique little ways to save on your monthly expenses, you will love the Smart Thermostat. Each month, you can track the impact of small changes around the house to maximize your savings. At CSP, we will walk you through the automation and tracking process so you know how to use the system and how to customize it to your needs.

Smart Thermostats are the way of the future. Not only are they convenient and eco-friendly, but they turn a massive form of energy waste into an automated process that results in ultimate comfort. At Canadian Security Professionals, we believe every new home should include a Smart Thermostat, as well as an entire automated lighting and security system. They offer unmatched convenience, reduce your environmental footprint, and keep you comfortable in your home.

For questions about our services, or for a quote on our intuitive thermostat systems, call Canadian Security Professionals at 1-877-494-9911 or check out our website here.

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