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In this day and age, many companies are seeking to do more to reduce their carbon footprint and be better environmental stewards. With proper energy management, your company can prove that it’s possible to turn a profit while being environmentally friendly. How can you effectively manage your energy consumption? One way is to use a smart energy consumption management system connected to your smartphone or tablet. With such a system in place, you can manage energy to reduce your monthly utility bill. A key component of an energy management system is a smart thermostat that can be adjusted via an app on the mobile device of your choice.

Smart Thermostats

How Does It Work?

With our energy management solution, you’ll easily be able to collect sensor data, which will be able to factor in external weather conditions and your local information to optimize your company’s energy use in a way that reduces unnecessary energy consumption and cuts down your monthly expenses. Below are three key selling points of smart thermostats.

  1. Location-Based Automation: Using our smart thermostat, you’ll be able to input your local information by employing our Geo-Services. The benefit of this is that your smart thermostat will be able to automatically dial down to a lower setting when everyone has left the workplace for the day, and it will again automatically increase to a more comfortable setting when your place of business is buzzing with activity.
  2. Security System Connection: The key concept here is “connectivity.” This means that our smart thermostat will connect to your business’ security system, including things like motion sensors, and door and window sensors, in order to assess real-time activity in your business and figure out the optimal thermostat setting to maximize energy savings.
  3. Responsive Settings: The smart thermostat is designed to quickly and automatically respond to changes in temperature by monitoring indoor and outdoor conditions. So, for example, it will adjust the indoor temperature if, for instance, you open your windows during a hot day, which will reduce your energy consumption.

Custom Automation

Your energy management system will combine all your smart security devices in your business so that everything automatically responds to your daily routine. Here are three key points

  1. Smart Schedules: With this function, you can set up personalized light and thermostat schedules so that they operate as you desire during specific times of the day or days of the week. This is a particularly useful feature if you want to tangibly reduce energy consumption when no one is in the office.
  2. Triggered Automation: You can set things up such that your thermostat and lights automatically adjust whenever certain activities take place at your business. For instance, you can have the thermostat dial down when the alarm system is activated at the end of your work day.
  3. Intelligent Lighting: Why light up your business when no one is there? With intelligent lighting, you can set up your system so that the lights remain off when no one is in the office, which will save you money.

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Can a smart thermostat detect room occupancy?
Yes, the smart thermostat uses data from inside and outside the business or home. The smart thermostat automatically responds to activity, occupancy and weather patterns to ensure your home is properly cooled or heated while still saving energy. It also is integrated with your security system so you can set the temperature to change automatically depending on the state of your security system (ex. Armed Away, Armed Stay, Disarmed).
Does the smart thermostat automatically recognize if I’m “Away”?
Yes, the smart thermostat is able to detect whether you are away using the Geo-Location Services feature. It also is integrated with your security system so you can set the temperature to change automatically depending on the state of your security system (ex. Armed Away, Armed Stay, Disarmed).   
Does the smart thermostat have a built-in air quality sensor for monitoring?
No, unfortunately, this feature is not yet available on the smart thermostat.   
Does the smart thermostat have a built-in humidity sensor for monitoring?
Yes, the smart thermostat does have a humidity sensor built-in.  

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