7 Advantages of an Interactive Security System

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Interactive security systems offer the user absolute control over their home security. This smart security technology can be tailored specifically to your unique home security needs, allowing you to create a security system that you trust to keep you and your family safe. From 24/7 video monitoring of vulnerable areas of your home and property to interactive locks that you can control from your phone, the future of security technology is fast approaching. Not only are smart security systems designed for peace of mind, but they can also be combined with environment control to optimize the climate of your home. At Canadian Security Professionals, we specialize in the installation and configuration of home security technology, so you get exactly the features you need to keep your home protected.

 Advantages of an Interactive Security System

Home Automation in Canada

Home automation is a fast growing sector in Canada. As Canadians become more environmentally-conscious, energy-efficient, and tech-savvy, they are transitioning to smart home technology. Automated systems offer Canadians more control over their security system and home climate, making your everyday life more convenient, secure, and comfortable. Here are seven advantages of transitioning towards interactive home security systems:

1.Control from anywhere

By controlling your security features through an app on your phone, interactive security systems have become both convenient and user-friendly. Now, you can control your system from virtually anywhere with WiFi or a cell phone signal, allowing you to check in on your home when you are away. These interactive apps offer everything from climate control to video monitoring, and your phone acts as a remote for all of your smart system features.

Constant access to your smart system means you can tailor your security needs to your particular situation. For example, if you forget to lock your doors on your way out, you can lock them from your phone as soon as you remember. These smart systems can even be programmed to control the lighting in your home, so you can have your lights on a scheduled timer or turn them on and off from your phone at will.

2. Environment control

Beyond home security, interactive systems can be combined with a variety of other smart features, including home climate control. This offers you access to your home’s thermostat from the convenient phone app. For those who want to turn on the heat or air conditioning before you get home from work so your house is comfortable, this can be accomplished in seconds through the app. This can also be used when you are away on vacation, allowing you to monitor and control the climate of your home while you are gone.

3. Automated system settings

With smart home technology, you can automate lighting, security, and climate control features. For example, you can automate your thermostat so that your heating system will always come on when the home temperature drops below a certain level. Not only does this cutting-edge technology offer unmatched home comfort, but it can help reduce your bills and minimize your environmental footprint. You can design a thermostat schedule that reduces the amount of energy used to maintain a comfortable climate. You can also program your lighting in automated schedules, so your lights will automatically shut off and save power when you are out of the house. This can save you hundreds of dollars each year in wasted hydro, and you always have ultimate control over the system from the convenience of your own phone.

4. Notifications and data

Having a smart home is more than just convenient; it allows you to monitor and track your energy usage and security needs, so you will have a clear understanding of your home’s security and energy needs. Your system will measure how much energy your home is using at any particular time, and you have instant access to this data through the app. With this data, you can analyze how each individual change or each new feature impacts your environmental footprint and your utilities bill. Not only that, but it also offers a large storage capacity for video footage and other data that is safe and secure, even in the event of a fire or other disaster.

5. Remote video monitoring

Home security systems can be customized to include a wide variety of video monitoring features. From durable outdoor cameras to discreet indoor devices, home video monitoring is a staple in modern security systems. They can help you guard against intruders and the video footage can even be streamed live to your phone or computer through the app. Not only can these cameras help prevent an intruder from breaking into your home, but they allow you to monitor your children, pets, and property even when you are not home. These cameras store all of your footage in a cloud-based system and/or a durable hard drive, so video evidence will be available to you in case an emergency occurs.

6. Customizable systems

Interactive home security systems can be customized to include a variety of home features. From smoke alarms and carbon-monoxide detectors to custom lighting and video cameras, you can create the perfect system for your home. By creating a custom home security system, you will enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that comes from knowing your home and your family are protected at all times.

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