How To Make Your Wireless Security System Hack Proof

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Statistics and studies show that having a security system in your home is a large deterrent against burglars. Wireless security systems offer a number of additional benefits as well, including the fact that their range makes it possible to monitor the furthest parts of your home. They will withstand power outages and purposeful cuts to your power lines. They are affordable and easy to install.

Hack-Proof Wireless Security

However, wireless security systems are also prone to a particular kind of threat: in some cases, they can be hacked if proper precautionary measures are not taken. Burglars can hack into wireless security systems to either create a false alarm and, therefore, confusion, or they can hack into the system in a way that renders the alarm disabled. However, there are several ways to make your wireless security system hack proof, which will be outlined below.

  • Ensure Your Wireless Security System Has Encrypted Signals. A system that has encryptions that are unsecure means that the system can be accessed and tampered by outside forces much more easily.
  • Password-Protect Your Wifi Network. This is especially important if your security system uses WIFI. In the event that it does, ensure that access to your WIFI network is protected via a strong password.
  • Never Access Your Alarm Via Public Wifi. If you are accessing your alarm from a remote location, ensure that you are doing so from a secure network. The reason for this is that public Wifi makes it easier for your personal information, such as passwords, to be accessed by potential hackers.
  • Use Strong Passwords and Change Them Often. Ensure that you have made your own password and changed it from the default one. To make your password difficult to be hacked, incorporate letters, symbols and numbers.
  • Don’t Buy Second-hand Security Cameras. Second-hand security cameras can be implanted with a device that allows you to be spied on.
  • Go With a Wired Alarm. At the end of the day, any type of alarm has the ability to protect your home from invaders. Know that Canadian Security Professionals offer additional options that might better suit your needs, including wired alarms or a combination of wireless and wired.

Updating your wireless security systems when new technology is available will also reduce the risk that your system will be hacked into. Canadian Security Professionals offer a selection of high-quality alarm systems Mississauga that will help protect you and your family. Contact our team today.

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