Where To Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors In Your Home

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Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, toxic gas that enters the body through the lungs during the normal breathing process. It replaces oxygen in the blood and prevents the flow of oxygen to the heart, brain and other vital organs.

Installing Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Why should you care about carbon monoxide?

  • Carbon Monoxide kills. Every year, Canadians from all over the country die from carbon monoxide poisoning, right in their own homes. The scariest part is that it often strikes while people are fast asleep and have no opportunity to detect the signs and symptoms. In fact, carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the highest causes of accidental poisoning in the developed world.
  • Carbon Monoxide injures. Hundreds of Canadians end up in the hospital every year from exposure to carbon monoxide. The impact of the toxins can leave people permanently disabled. The scary truth is that everyone is at risk – 88 per cent of all homes contain something that could potentially leak carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide detector placement DO’S:

To maximize the protection of your home from excess levels of carbon monoxide, place detectors in the following places:

  • On every level of your home for maximum protection;
  • Five feet from the ground. Carbon monoxide detectors get the best reading of your home’s air when placed five feet from the ground;
  • Near every sleeping area. If your CO levels get too high in the night, it’s important detectors can be heard by everyone sleeping in the case of emergency;
  • Near attached garages. Cars produce carbon monoxide any time they are running. If you have an attached garage, those fumes can quickly spread to the rest of your house. A CO detector near your attached garage will warn you if that becomes a problem;
  • Where the manufacturer recommends. Every model of carbon monoxide detector is tested according to manufacturer specifications. It’s important to take those specifications into account when you’re deciding where to place your detectors;
  • In areas where the alarm can be heard.

Carbon monoxide detector placement DON’TS:

The following locations can either create a false alarm or stop your detector from properly identifying CO levels in your home:

  • Close to any fuel-burning appliance;
  • In excessively humid areas such as your bathroom;
  • In direct sunlight;
  • Near any sources of blowing air such as a fan, vent or open window;
  • Place within reach of children or pets.

At Canadian Security Professionals, we can further advise you how to protect your family from invisible, deadly carbon monoxide. Give us a call today and help protect your loved ones with our detectors.

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