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Is It Safer to Have a Smart Home?

February 3, 2020 by

Smart homes are the future. Loaded with modern technology to make your everyday life more convenient and efficient, smart homes leverage automation and intuitive tech to take the hassle and uncertainty out of your daily routine.

Not only do these systems make life easier, but they also add an extra layer of safety and security to your home. Thus helping keep your family safe and your property secure.

What is a smart home?

Smart homes are designed to combine multiple elements of your home into one convenient platform. Much like the smartphones that virtually everyone has in their pocket at all times — which combine calling, texting, email, internet browsing, and countless other lifestyle apps — smart homes are all about making your life more convenient and accessible.

From your home lighting system to your thermostat, all of these systems can be monitored, controlled, and adjusted from one cloud based software. This software can be used on your computer or on an app on your smartphone, giving you instant remote access to your home’s system at all times.

Beyond the technology that can be incorporated into your smart home, you can also combine it with a wide variety of home security technology. Being able to access and control your home security system alongside your lighting and thermostat in one convenient place lets you enjoy your home with confidence and peace of mind. This comes from knowing your family is safe, secure, and monitored at all times.

With that in mind, here are five ways Smart technology can add a layer of safety to your home:

1. Video Monitoring

Modern video recording technology has come a long way within the last decade. Now, high-quality cameras can be placed virtually anywhere on your property or around your home without the need for bulky wiring and complicated mounting systems.

These cameras also use digital recording, so there’s no need for videotapes either; simply upload everything to the cloud to minimize physical storage space. The videos can be monitored directly from your computer or smartphone, giving you instant access to your security feed at all times.

Place one at every entrance of your home or around vulnerable areas of your property for maximum coverage, and simply monitor it from your phone. Should a suspicious individual enter your property, your video feeds will catch them, giving you extra protection against possible intruders or burglars.

In the event of a break-in, these recordings can also be used as critical evidence.

2. Smart Doorbells

Imagine never having to open your front door to see who’s knocking. With a Smart Doorbell, every time an individual rings the bell, the camera will turn on and send the feed directly to your phone. This way, you’ll be able to see who’s at your door without even having to open it.

This is a significant security feature, especially for those who live alone or spend lots of time on their own. Whether you’re expecting a mail delivery, ordered a pizza, or you have family come over unannounced, you can answer your door with the confidence that comes from knowing who is on the other side of it.

This doorbell is connected to your smart home system through your WiFi — for added convenience, you can program it to trigger a notification and/or recording when your doorbell rings, when a motion is detected on your front porch, or even when your garage door opens. You can even unlock the door remotely, allowing friends and family to enter without having to get the door yourself.

3. Smart Locks

More reliable and safer than traditional key-entry locks, Smart Locks are designed for enhanced security. Regardless of your physical location, a Smart Lock allows you to unlock your door remotely from your cell phone. This makes it easy to let your friends and family into your house, even if you’re not at home. This feature can also be handy during a renovation to allow trades people into your house when you are away, so you don’t have to take a day off work just to let someone in.

Smart Locks are also equipped with keypads so you can utilize a code entry system for enhanced security. You can also add/remove user codes for the lock right from your smartphone app. If you rent out your property this allows you to easily delete the old code and create a new code anytime you have a new individual renting out your property. Each individual user code can also be given temporary access that expires on whichever day and time you choose. Also you can even set specific user codes to only work on certain days and times which is great if you have a housekeeper or someone that walks your dog on specific days.

Now you never have to worry about losing your keys or someone stealing them and trying to enter your home — all you need is the code or your cell phone! If you forget to lock the door on the way out, no problem — have your door automatically lock when you set your alarm system or just pull up the app and lock it from wherever you are.

4. Automated Lighting

Although not necessarily a security feature, Smart Lights can be used to support your security system. Automated lighting allows you to control the lights in your home from your smartphone.

This means you can turn the lights on and off from anywhere, even when you are not at home. While this has a number of environmental benefits — as it makes it easy to minimize your usage, dim your lights, and turn them off when you leave the house — it can add an extra layer of security to your home as well.

At night, you can set your porch light to turn on for 5 minutes when the front door opens or whenever your smart doorbell detects motion. You can schedule your foyer light to turn on automatically when you open your front door or have all your lights automatically turn off when you set your alarm system before bed.

Consider your next family vacation. You can program the lights to turn on and off at a specific time, giving the illusion that someone is home, which will help prevent intruders from targeting your house. Alongside other Smart Home features, automated lighting can provide outstanding peace of mind when you and your family are away.

5. Security Alerts

Finally, a critical aspect of smart homes is that they have instant access to the security company if an alarm sounds. Whether someone attempts to break in through your front door or a smoke detector goes off in your home, both you and the security company will receive an instant alert. This system also connects you to a security representative who can offer assistance and contact first responders as necessary.

For more information about smart homes, call Canadian Security Professionals at 888-795-3165 or contact us here.

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