How To Increase Your Password Security

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Securing your home or business may be as easy as calling Canadian Security Professionals, but protecting your electronic devices and online accounts isn’t so simple.

Password Security Tips

Password security is a crucial part of keeping your important business, documents, emails, and other forms of online media under wraps. If your password is weak, it can become easily subjected to the grasp of a hacker. In return, your personal information might be compromised, causing for a huge headache and the potential of financial depletion.

There are ways to increase your password security. By following the advice below, you can increase the strength of your password and will be less likely targeted by hackers.

  • Use a variety of capital letters, numbers and special characters when allowed.
  • The longer your password, the better.
  • Use a password that only you would know. Stay away from family names and birthdays.
  • Use your smartphone or tablet as storage. Hard to remember passwords can be stored in a memo or notepad app in case you tend to be forgetful of your passwords.
  • Always check your password’s strength. Most websites include this feature.
  • Don’t ever forget to log out of your accounts. If you leave an account open, it is more likely to be tampered with. Most websites will automatically log you out after your session has expired, but getting in the habit of logging out is always good for extra measure.
  • Change your password often. It is suggested that a password for important accounts is changed every three months or so. Many websites will not allow you to use the same password twice which helps for added security.
  • Never share your passwords with anyone.
  • Don’t use common words or single words.
  • Try to use phrases without any spaces included.
  • You can use multiple words with punctuation marks in between each one to make it stronger.

Creating a strong password isn’t difficult. The key to keeping it extra secure is to not share it with anyone and to design a password that is long and intertwined with different characters. This will make it more difficult on someone trying to hack your account.

Password security is often taken for granted, yet accounts are hacked online every day. Plain and simple, this is due to the lack of thought put behind the password and the carelessness of not logging out. While online businesses work hard every day to advance the technology of security, it is important to do your part as well if you don’t want to become the victim of identity theft or a sticky financial mishap.

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