7 Security Tips For People Who Live Alone

November 17, 2015 by

There are many perks to living alone such as full independence, not having to clean up after anyone else but yourself, and the fact that you can live as you want. The list goes on and on. However, it can make you an easier target for burglars.

Security Tips For Lonely People

Keep your home and yourself safe with these 7 safety tips:

  1. Social media can be a blessing and a curse.
  2. Everyone on your friends list doesn’t need to know your every move. By posting where you are and when you are there, you leave the door open for people who do not have your best interest at heart.

  3. Buy some curtains.
  4. If people can see into your house, they can see if you are away from the house, as well as take a look at any luxury items you have. This is a simple way to keep your house and possessions out of sight.

  5. Invest in home security products, such as an IP camera.
  6. Canadian Security Professionals offers wireless home monitoring systems that can be of benefit to you. We have many options available for IP cameras which can help you monitor the activity in your home by smartphone or computer.

  7. Get a dog or cat.
  8. If you like animals and have the time to take care of them – getting a dog or cat is a good idea. They will be protective of you and will probably come to use defense in many situations. Some burglars will avoid homes with animals as they can get in the way – so maybe it’s time to get that large dog that will hopefully scare them off.

  9. Lock your doors and windows.
  10. Keep your doors locked at all times – whether you are home or away from your home. If you have the windows opened during the day or at night – close them at an appropriate hour. You want to make sure that burglars do not have extra opportunities to enter your space.

  11. Get to know your neighbours and neighbourhood.
  12. If you are comfortable with your neighbours, they will look after you and your home. If they notice any suspicious activity, they will likely call police or you to check in. By knowing your neighbourhood, you will know where the closest police station is and which parts of your community may not be as safe for you at night.

  13. Don’t just let anyone in your house.
  14. We often get people at our doors trying to sell us a service or product. Some of these people may be actually salespeople, but some just want to get your information and scope out your home. If someone comes to your door and you do not know them, it’s safest not to answer it. If you do open the door, try to not give them any personal information or too much of a look into your home.

It’s a good feeling to finally live alone but sometimes it can be scary. Use common sense and trust your instincts. By taking the proper safety measures you make yourself less of a target for burglars and other people who do not have your safety in mind.

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