Wired Vs. Wireless Alarm Systems

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Wireless or wired? That is the question when deciding on a home security system.

Differences Between Wired And Wireless Alarm Systems

These days with more and more people opting out of using landline phones and with technology moving faster than the speed of sound, wireless everything seems to be where it’s at.

Still, there are those old-school types who choose to have their home security systems fed through home landline phones.

Here are some facts about each modality. You decide which would be best for your situation.

Wired alarm system advantages:

  • The components are affordable;
  • The mode of transportation makes them pretty resilient;
  • Economical;
  • Can have a larger number of detectors added;
  • On a permanent power supply, so the maintenance is low and no batteries are needed.

Wireless alarm system advantages:

  • Can be used in locations that are relatively inaccessible;
  • Installation is cost-effective;
  • If you move, it’s easy to take with you;
  • Easy and quick integration of additional components;
  • No cable, so installation is not complicated;
  • Flexible.

Both systems offer the same in terms of function. It’s the installation that’s different. Commercial buildings, factories and office buildings are more suited to wired alarm systems. Setting up a wired system in these types of buildings is usually easier since more space needs to be covered.

On the other hand, smaller buildings, like family homes or smaller apartment and commercial buildings would be perfect for wireless alarm systems. They can be retrofitted and installed quickly by an expert in the field.

No security system? No problem!

Wireless systems are great for homes that don’t have pre-installed security systems. There are no holes to drill and no modifications to make. That’s why a wireless choice is great for older homes, for those who rent or buildings that have interior brick, stone or marble construction. These systems are also portable and if you own the equipment, you can easily take it with you should you leave and it’s easy to reconnect elsewhere.

On the wired side

If your home has been pre-wired for a security system, wired may be a better choice. Everything is already in place for activation. If you go with a different provider from the one that installed the system, you may need a new number for the control panel. As long as the wiring is in place, you’ll be good to go.

Wired or wireless, the experts at Canadian Security Professionals will help steer you in the right direction. Give them a call today.

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