The Benefits of Keyless Entry Door Locks

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As technology advances, new and better ways of doing things have been developed. Locking mechanisms for our homes and businesses, have also been getting better. Keyless door locks were first introduced in the automobile industry before being adopted in other industries, due to the benefits they had over traditional locking mechanisms.

The Benefits Of Keyless Entry Door Locks

Take a look at some of the key benefits of keyless entry door locks:

Better Access Control

Most standard home alarm systems nowadays come armed with keyless door lock system. The door-opening mechanism provides better access control because the passcode can be shared with those that share the facility.

This allows big families to have easy access to homes without the need to issue keys to all the members of the family. With the access passkey, all members of a household are able to access the home conveniently without the need to carry keys around or leaving the keys for the next person in a pre-agreed “hideout.”

Technology has also enabled organizations with a big workforce to give easy access to facilities such as labs, libraries or other community spaces. This is made easy by the ability to share a passcode, which enables the employees to access the facilities any time of day or night without having the need to have a doorman or keys.


Technology has enabled us to reduce the number of things we carry around in our daily life. The need to walk around with a bunch of keys has been eliminated. With a set of or a single passkey, anyone can have access to all floors in a 50-storied building without the need to carry the keys to all 50 floors.

This has made life more convenient because we are able to move freely. Keyless door locks have also minimized thefts that occur after keys fall in the wrong hands. With a passcode being all you need to access a facility, thieves have a hard time.

Users also enjoy the benefits of not having to worry about physically misplacing their keys. Passwords are stored in the human brain, implying that they cannot be misplaced or lost physically.


Most modern home alarm systems are designed to keep all records of all the entries and exits that have been made in every entry point. Every input of passkeys is recorded, including the time of that corresponding entry.

This can be helpful in establishing who entered where, at what time. This feature is essential in highly sensitive facilities because a clear record is needed to identify who accessed specific parts of the facility.

The records kept can also be useful during an investigation in the event a robbery took place. With the records, investigators are able to establish at what time a certain place was accessed. From there, they can locate the movements of the suspects using the data from the access system.

Advanced Security Features

Most modern home alarm systems continue to integrate newer technologies to make keyless door locks better. One of the most notable features is the biometric technology.

Instead of using a passkey, organizations have developed better systems that use the unique biometric features of our human bodies. The most used biometric feature of our body is the fingerprint.

Most modern systems use fingerprints to allow access to various places. Compared to passkeys, fingerprints are more secure since they cannot be shared; they are unique to each person. This eliminates the inconvenience that can be brought about by forgetting your passkey or sharing it with the wrong people.

Some of the more advanced biometric features include the use of human eyes or some advanced cameras that can identify people using their unique facial features.

Keyless Locks Save Time and Money

Keyless access systems have enabled us to save the time and money that would be used in the production of keys and installation of locking mechanisms that may have to be destroyed every time the keys are lost. For instance, if an individual loses his or her keys, he or she has to call a locksmith who replaces the old lock with a new one and issues the user with a set of new keys.

This process can be quite expensive, especially if the locks are high-end. However, if the door is keyless, restoring your access can be quite easy because there is usually no need to replace the whole system. Your security provider can easily override your home alarm system with a software or a master passcode. This saves the user the time and money that could have been used to install a new lock and the costs involved with it.

Modern technology has enabled everyday life to be better and easier. Having better locking mechanisms have enabled people to worry less about the safety of their homes and organizations and concentrate more on the more important things in life.

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