How to Clean Your Camera’s Image Sensor

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In today’s world, home burglary cases are commonly heard of. Fortunately, technological advancements in home security systems have made it easy for homeowners to keep tabs on what’s happening to their homes. The sensor is one of them that has taken home alarm systems to a next level. It features a streamlined home alarm motion detector that detects any movements around the home.

Image Sensor Cleaning

How it Works

Image sensors send intelligent alerts that trigger the alarm system whenever any unusual activity takes place. They even send pictures of what’s happening in real time.

The only shortcoming with traditional security systems is that the motion detector only sets off the alarm, without displaying what set it off. Homeowners can only speculate on what caused the security breach, and send authorities, merely hoping it is not theft. With an image sensor, you can see what’s happening in your home while at work, thus reducing false alarms.

How to Clean Your Security Camera’s Image Sensor

After a while of usage, dust and smears may blur the sensor. That makes the sensor send off unclear image feeds or spotted image displays. Most property owners spend considerable care cleaning their cameras professionally. However, with the suitable materials, you too can clean the image sensor. Here’s how.

Pec pads: These pieces are amazing and cheap. They are disposable, soft cloths made for use on cameras. They can even be used to clean the lens. Hence, always ensure you have a pack with you.

Cleaning product (Wet cleaning): Using a cleaning solution for the careless, such as those who leave streaks on the sensor by using too much solution. Using a solution is only ideal for when the camera is covered in too much dust.

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