Glass Break Sensor Alarms: 5 Things You Need to Know

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While beautiful, affordable, and versatile, glass is also often brittle and fragile. As such, burglars can easily break into a home or other type of property through a glass door or window. There are some exceptions, such as bulletproof glass, but most people cannot afford to secure their homes with this type of glass.

Glass Break Sensor Alarms

The good news is, you can install a glass break detector in your office, home, or car to ensure that your most prized possessions and your loved ones will be protected in the event that someone breaks into your property. Here are the five things that you should know about glass break detectors before you purchase them.

Motion Sensor Support

Many people today have opted to install motion sensors on their properties. Many who own commercial properties have also decided to do the same to be safe. What is interesting is that door and glass break detectors can serve as a backup in the event that the motion sensors have been deactivated or have simply stopped working. Also, motion sensors can sometimes cause more harm than good.

For instance, you will probably want to turn your motion sensors off when your kids and/or pets are running around the house, or when you have invited guests over. However, when you turn them off, a burglar can then enter the home undetected in most cases.

For example, they may break in through the entrance, and you may not be able to hear them if you are on the second or third floor. However, if you have a glass break detector, then you will immediately be made aware of a break-in if the burglar breaks a glass door or window.

They are Versatile

You can install a glass break detector in many different locations as they have a pretty good range. Some people may require more than one glass break detectoror sensor to ensure that their premises is completely safe from potential home intruders. For instance, many detectors are limited in their detection capability, so it pays to play it safe and install more than one detector.

Furthermore, glass break detectors are actually very easy to install, so most people don’t need to call a technician to install them. Also, glass break detectors include a microphone that is able to detect the sound frequency triggered by broken glass. The sound is then sent to the alarm trigger, which will activate the alarm, or in some cases the siren, to go off.

They Can be Visible

As a cautionary measure, you can install the glass break detector in an area where it is noticeable. Anyone that happens to be standing by the door or window in that area will be able to see the glass break detector. For instance, if a burglar is thinking of robbing your home, then they can easily see the sensor and this will deter them from trying to enter your property. Just ensure that the alarm is on and clearly visible in order to deter prospective home invaders.

There are Different Types of Glass break detectors

You can choose to purchase an acoustic sensor or a shock sensor. An acoustic sensor will utilize shock waves in order to pick-up on glass that has been shattered. When the glass is broken, the sensor will utilize sound waves in order to detect the actual frequency that is generated.

The frequency is then transferred to the microphone of the device and the alarm is subsequently activated. We would recommend acoustic sensors over shock sensors because they are more efficient and reliable than their glass break detector counterparts.

Shock sensors will actually use vibrations to pick-up on broken glass. The problem with shock sensor alarms is that they can cause false alarms because many things can cause vibrations, such as a door banging or a strong gust of wind. However, you can install one on all of your windows in order to improve their accuracy. Of course, this will increase your costs, so most experts recommend acoustic sensors over shock sensors.

The Alarm Will Only Function After it Has Been Set

This may seem self-explanatory to some, but it is worth mentioning that your alarm system will only work after it has been set. In summary, we would highly recommend that you purchase at least one glass break detector in order to protect your business or your home from burglars or trespassers. It is better to be safe than sorry, and making the investment can help you save thousands of dollars in the long-run.

To learn more about glass break detectors, call Canadian Security Professionals at 1-877-494-9911, or contact us here.

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