How To Create A Home Emergency Kit

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While no one wants to spend too much time pondering the possibility of an emergency situation, the truth of the matter is that circumstances beyond your control may eventually thrust you into the midst of a serious ordeal.

Of course, proper planning and preparation can help you to weather just about any storm or situation that life throws your way. But what sorts of things can you do today to prepare in the event that there is an emergency? Well, you can start by assembling a home security kit. Read on to learn more about how to create a home emergency kit.

Home Emergency Preparation

Food & Water

Assuming that there is an extended emergency period, you’ll want to have some food and water in your home security kit. If the power goes off, you might not be able to access your tap water — unless you have a generator — so it makes sense to have enough bottled water on hand. Also be sure to have some food that lends itself to easy preparation and a long shelf life such as canned goods…and don’t forget the can opener. Another point worth mentioning is that you should also pack some kibble for your pets so that they have what they need in the event of an emergency.


You’ll certainly want some light in emergency situations, so make sure that your home emergency kit has some flashlights or candles and matches. If you’re using candles, be very careful that you do so safely to avoid the risk of fire.


It makes sense to have must-have prescriptions on hand for you and your family members at all times. By so doing, you’ll have the medications you require in an emergency situation — a time when you might not be able to head over to the pharmacy.

Emergency Alert System

You should definitely have an emergency alert system. With one of these systems, you can be notified if, for instance, there is a fire, burst pipe or malfunctioning equipment. With this sort of notification, you’ll potentially be able to catch problems before they lead to more serious, expensive problems. You won’t be able to put an emergency alert system into a kit, technically, but it could save you from having to pull out your kit to begin with.

First Aid Kit

Be sure to pack a first aid kit in your home emergency kit. In the event of a serious emergency, it will be good to have basic supplies for treating cuts, scrapes or worse, so be sure to include it.

So there you have it — a list of things you should have in your home emergency kit. While none of the items should be overlooked, you should pay particular attention to the need for an emergency alert system since it will potentially alert you to problems fast enough for you to avert an emergency situation altogether.

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