Best Practices For Your Home Security System

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If you’re like most Canadians, your home is your biggest financial investment — followed possibly by your vehicle or vehicles — so it definitely pays to protect it with the best home security system that money can buy.

Home Security System Tips

Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank in order to find the right solution to safeguard your home and protect your family from criminals who would love nothing more than to gain unlawful access to your property. By taking the right precautions, however, you can reduce, if not altogether eliminate, the odds of being targeted.

With that said, read on for a look at best practices for your home security system — as well as some things that can thwart even the most robust system.

  1. Install an Alarm

    Whatever you do, ensure that your system includes an alarm component. No, an alarm won’t guarantee that your home won’t attract criminals, but it will be enough to frighten away many would-be thieves. After all, thieves generally prefer easy targets — so a loud alarm will keep many criminals at bay. After installing an alarm, be sure to communicate this fact to would-be thieves with either a yard sign or a sticker on your exterior-facing doors.

  2. Use Surveillance Cameras

    Surveillance cameras, particularly those that can be viewed remotely courtesy of a mobile device or computer, are a must if you want the best home security system to protect you and yours. You can strategically position them to get maximum protection — and you can have some peace of mind since you will be able to keep tabs on things regardless of where you happen to be located.

  3. Be Less Social

    No matter how rigorous your home security setup is, it’ll be all for naught if you announce to everyone near and far that you’ll be away from home, say on a vacation. Social media is a great tool if used correctly, but it’s probably not the best place to let your followers know that you’ll be away for a couple of weeks enjoying a cruise in the Caribbean. Criminals also monitor social media, and they could take advantage of your time away.

  4. Avoid Traditional Key-Hiding Techniques

    If being too liberal with your vacation plans on social media is a no-no, so too is hiding a spare set of keys in the event that you lose your personal set. Criminals know of all the places that people sometimes like to hide a backup set of keys, like under the welcome mat, in a flower pot or under a rock that just so happens to be close to the front door. In the event that you want an extra set of keys just in case, give that extra set to a neighbor you trust.

The aforementioned tips will help you to get the best home security system. Again, there are things you need to avoid if you want your system to work properly, so keep these tips in mind to get the protection you need.

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