3 Money-Saving Home Energy Improvements

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There are many simple improvements that can be made to your home to decrease your household energy usage and cut your utility bills. Not only do these eco-friendly improvements help reduce your environmental footprint, but they are very easy and affordable to install. In fact, certain home energy improvements can even increase the value of your home, especially if you are focusing on sustainable, environmentally-conscious energy.

Energy improvements help save money

While many people think that home energy improvements are expensive and unrealistic for them, home energy technology has advanced enough to make them much more accessible and affordable. These home improvements will make your day-to-day life more convenient while also saving you money and reducing your overall environmental impact.

Home Energy Improvements in Canada

In recent years, Canada has had a tumultuous relationship with home energy improvements. While some provincial governments have offered significant rebates and incentive programs to allow homeowners to upgrade their home energy technology, other provincial governments are making drastic cuts to home energy programs. It is the responsibility of each individual homeowner to reduce their environmental impact, and the added convenience and energy savings help to make home energy improvements possible in many Canadian homes.

At Canadian Security Professionals, we have a great deal of experience working with customers to create custom home energy systems tailored to their needs. From small repairs to massive home renovations, there are many ways to help improve your home energy efficiency. Here is a breakdown of simple home improvements that can help make your life easier and reduce your environmental footprint:

1) Custom automation

Custom automation is the process of syncing your home lighting system so you can control everything from one convenient place. For added accessibility, this lighting system can be controlled from your smartphone or mobile device. Not only can you customize your home lighting schedule so your lights come on automatically each day, but you can also control your lights from your phone, even when you are at work or on vacation.

This has a wide range of benefits. First, you can prevent wasted energy usage and combat high utility bills by automating your lighting to shut off when you are not home, as many Canadians do not do this on a regular basis. As well, you can set your lights on a timer or sync them with your locks to make it look like someone is home while you are on vacation, adding an element of safety and security. At Canadian Security Professionals, we can help you install an automated lighting system, and we’ll teach you how to use it so you can maximize your energy savings and make the most of this convenient home feature.

2) Responsive thermostat

Beyond automated control of your lights, you can also install a responsive thermostat, allowing you ultimate control over the temperature of your home. Your home thermostat can be controlled through the same app as your lights and locks, allowing you to customize the ambiance and temperature of your home from your mobile device. This feature ensures that your heating and cooling system is only working as hard as you need it to, preventing further wasted energy. For example, you can use the automated, responsive thermostat to cut excess heating or air-conditioning when you are not home.

Alternatively, you can turn on your heat or A/C via your cell phone so that your home is a comfortable temperature by the time you get home from work. At CSP, our trained professionals will work with you to design a custom automation system suitable for your home and your family. For more information about our services, please explore our website here.

3) Basic home repairs

Home energy improvements do not have to be expensive endeavours. You can have a positive impact on your home energy usage simply by making a few repairs around the house. Not only will these repairs decrease wasted energy, but they will also help save you money on your water and utility bills. For example, installing a low-flow showerhead will reduce the amount of water used, which can save you hundreds of dollars per year, all for the low cost of a new shower head.

Installing new, energy-efficient windows can also save you money and keep your home at its ideal temperature, as these windows prevent heat or cold air from escaping. You can also reduce your energy usage and save yourself some money by installing long-lasting light bulbs that are designed for maximum efficiency. Home energy improvements do not have to be expensive renovations – there are many little ways to help decrease your environmental footprint. For more information on improving the energy-efficiency of your home, contact one of our trained professionals for a quote.

At Canadian Security Professionals, we pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers create custom automation systems designed to decrease energy usage. Not only can this save you money on your water and utilities bills, but it will make your life more convenient, as you can automate your system and control your lights, locks, and thermostat from your smartphone. Beyond our Smart Thermostat and our Custom Home Automation system, there are many smaller improvements that can be made to decrease your energy usage, including the installation of eco-friendly light bulbs, shower heads, exhaust fans, windows, and toilets. Not all of these repairs and upgrades are expensive and time-consuming – we recommend researching the opportunity for grants and rebates for home improvements in your province. To check out a breakdown of our energy-saving services, explore our website here.

For more information about home energy improvements in Ontario, or to book an experienced, professional for your installation needs, call Canadian Security Professionals at 1-877-494-9911 or check out our website here.

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