Is Your Home Burglar Friendly?

February 5, 2018 by

As a homeowner, you take precautions to ensure that your property is safe and secure. But did you know there are things that you may be doing right now that make it more susceptible to break-ins? Here are some common mistakes that we’re all guilty of making:

Burglar Friendly Home

You’re Providing a Window Shopping Experience

If your valuables are in plain view from ground floor windows, you might unintentionally be offering burglars a window shopping experience. More so if the windows are easily accessible such as in front of your house where foot and vehicle traffic is heavy. If you have electronics or anything of high value that can be seen from your windows, install drapes or blinds and ensure that windows are locked.

Your Property isn’t Properly Landscaped

If you have trees or shrubs that aren’t being properly trimmed, you could be providing thieves with ideal hiding places where they can remain undetected until they decide to strike. This is particularly the case if overgrown trees or shrubs are close to entry points like windows and doors. So, get yourself a good pruner, lawn mower, and whipper snipper for regular landscaping maintenance.

You’ve Let Thieves Know that You’re Not Home

Are you a social media buff who loves to share all aspects of your whereabouts with followers? This can be a mistake if you don’t take proper precautions. After all, do you really know all the people you follow and who follow you? If you’re taking pictures of yourself on vacation, you could be doing yourself more harm than good. Someone can decide that your absence makes your home a viable break-in candidate.

You’ve Left a Key

Have you ever left a key under a rock near the front door, in the mailbox or in a planter on the front porch? Well, thieves are well aware of all of your favourite hiding places, and they’ll be happy to help themselves to the key that you’ve so generously left out for them.

How Burglar Protection Can Help

As part of your home security plan, invest in a solid home security system with an alarm, motion detection sensors, security cameras and live monitoring. You’ll also want motion-activated lights outside to potentially spook criminals looking to take advantage of the darkness. Not only will these steps increase your home’s security but it’ll make your home less appealing to thieves.

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