Burglar Deterrents to use

Burglar Deterrents You Should (And Shouldn’t) Use to Protect Yourself

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When dealing with home security, deterring potential burglars or home intruders is the most effective way to protect yourself. While it’s important to make sure you are prepared for when the unforeseen happens, the best possible outcome is avoiding those situations altogether with proper alarm systems for homes.

Distinguishing effective alarm systems from the less helpful deterrents will be an important way to keep your home protected. Having an effective alarm system will make sure you are as prepared as possible for any outcomes before they actually happen, rather than after the fact. Understanding how your home is being protected will allow you to make the right decisions.

Avoid Untrustworthy Options

In order to be as protected as possible, it is crucial that you can trust any option you are using to deter burglars. It’s important to break potentially risky habits, and understand why some of these options are not feasible to keep you protected.

You should be able to see a practical impact from any alarm system for your home. There are multiple options that may give you a sense of security while providing very little of it in reality. Putting up small fences or using bushes and other landscaping are great examples of what needs to be avoided. These methods will not do anything to deter a burglar because they have no practical way of keeping any kind of criminal away.

By using options such as smart locks, a front gate, secure windows, or having your neighbours check on things while you are away, you will see practical results that will directly deter any burglars. It’s important to make sure that any equipment being used in your alarm systems are effective. Windows, locks, and doors will prevent home invaders from entering the premises, and making sure potential invaders can see how difficult it would be to enter your home will go a long way in ensuring they do not even attempt it.

Additionally, having a trusted person check on your house will make it clear that the premises are being supervised. A home is much more exposed when you are away, and keeping someone around will make it difficult for potential burglars to see your house as an easy mark.

Use the Proper Technology

Technology has come a long way in deterring burglars and protecting your home. By considering alarm systems that can include a doorbell camera and motion lights, you will be able to identify when anything might be happening at your home. A home alarm system will make sure no part of your house is exposed, making it significantly more difficult for any burglar to enter unnoticed.

More importantly, when a burglar actually sees the alarm system in use, it keeps them away out of fear that they will get caught. A guard dog can also serve as an alarm in the sense that you will be able to hear a potential threat before a situation arises. Additionally, a dog will intimidate potential burglars that may be threatening your home. While a dog may not be a sophisticated piece of technology, there is practical evidence to support their deterrent effect, allowing them to serve the same purpose as a visual deterrent.

Understand Dangerous Options

Depending on what you are using to deter potential burglars, there are ways to put yourself at higher risk. It is vitally important to make sure you avoid outdated alarm systems. Out of date alarms will make it much easier for potential burglars to enter the home. Also, you will be left in the dark when a situation does arise. A dated home alarm system can give you a false sense of security, which can present its own kind of danger. With such a system, it will be impossible to know exactly how safe and secure your home is. Additionally, if a burglar can identify an out of date system, they will be encouraged to target your home, rather than being deterred.

Attempting to use a gun can also have a negative impact on the security of your home. First, a gun will serve little to no purpose in actually deterring a burglar. It’s impossible for a burglar to be aware of any gun on the premises, meaning it will have no impact prior to a situation arising. If a circumstance arises where the homeowner resorts to using a gun, it will elevate the danger significantly. Without knowing how a burglar would react to seeing a gun or how you would personally use one, it’s impossible to trust its effectiveness when the home is at risk. Moreover in Canada the law allows you to defend yourself or your property with “reasonable force” or “proportionate force”. Injuring an intruder in any way could cause you to be charged and at that point it would be up to the courts and the jury to decide if they consider it “reasonable force”.

Faulty systems and weapons in the house will do very little to deter any burglar because all deterrent options depend greatly on visibility. A dated alarm system will make it obvious that you are an easier target, and with no visibility at all, a gun will have no deterring impact on a burglar. These unreliable options will put you at higher risk to home invaders, rather than discouraging them.

Don’t Leave Yourself Vulnerable

Deterring burglars is the most effective way of keeping your home and family protected. An ideal alarm system will ensure you never have to worry about any incidents occurring, making it vitally important to understand what is and is not effective in putting off potential criminals. With an understanding of the proper deterrents, your home will be safe at all times, making you as prepared as possible before disaster strikes.

Making sure your loved ones are protected should always be a top priority, and you should waste no time in providing an effective alarm system for your home. For more information about the best home alarm systems, visit Canadian Security Professionals at cspalarms.ca to see all the options available to you.

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