Tips to Prevent a Crash and Smash Burglary

Tips to Prevent a Crash and Smash Burglary

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There are a number of different methods that robbers can use to gain access to your home. Some take more time and more effort to plan. Others, like what is called a crash and smash burglary, are faster and require less planning.

The crash and smash technique can often defeat most home security systems, which is why understanding how to prevent these types of attacks is important. By quickly crashing through the front door and then smashing the control panel, robbers can prevent the system from being activated.

This method happens in under 60 seconds, which is the amount of delay that home security systems give to allow a homeowner to deactivate the system when they arrive home.

While burglary always leaves you feeling violated, the ‘crash and smash’ technique is especially tricky because it effectively eliminates the security that you invested in.

However, there are ways to protect yourself and your home from these types of attacks.

Tips to Prevent Crash and Smash Attacks

Although crash and smash burglaries attempt to destroy your home security, there are some things you can do to keep your home and system safe against such attacks. These include:

1. Wireless

Instead of having your home security system rely on your wiring, opting for a wireless security system can help you overcome crash and smash attacks. This means you can decide to place wireless components around your home or use a wireless signal to connect with your alarm company.

For example, you could choose to have your system use a dedicated cellular connection rather than a landline. These types of systems will become more and more popular as people cancel their landline phones and rely on mobile phones instead.

Either of these wireless options will hinder the burglar’s plans because a wireless connection cannot be severed by smashing the control panel.

2. Move your panel

One of the easiest answers to crash and smash attacks is to move your home security control system to a less easy-to-find location. Essentially, you would be hiding your control panel away behind a second door.

This can prevent the burglar from finding your control panel in time to smash it before it can send an alert. Although this seems like a good way to defeat the attack, it is not always successful. Robbers that use crash and smash methods are extremely bold and well-trained. This means that hiding your panel away may not deter them. They may see it as an exciting challenge.

3. Upgrade your security system

With a professionally installed home security system, there are extra features and elements that you can include that will protect you from a crash and smash attacks. These include video monitoring, smart locks, smart doorbells and more.

One of the advanced ways to secure your home is to have a disarm confirmation requirement. The minute your door has opened, an alert goes to your security company. They monitor the line for a disarm confirmation, which lets them know it was you that entered your home, not a robber. If no notification comes through, the company will notify the police about the alarm.

Other home security systems have tamper alarms. This means that if the control panel is damaged, an alert is sent out immediately. If you are not sure if your security system has this, you can contact your security company to get an upgrade.

4. Information update

A simple way to improve your home security system is by keeping your information up-to-date with your security company. Any time your phone number changes or you have to remove or add a contact to your emergency list, you should let your security company know right away.

This can prevent false alarms and miscommunications. Ensuring that your security company has all the updated information can make your home security system more effective.

5. Multiple tactics

Another way to help prevent a crash and smash burglary is to use multiple security tactics. Rather than installing a home security system and expecting it to be the only tool to protect your family and home, consider other things you can do to burglar-proof your home.

For example, install bump proof locks and thick heavy doors that will make crashing into your home more difficult. You may also want to look into improving your window safety. This may mean putting in locks, window films or other elements that add more protection to your home.

Other ways you can secure your home include keeping trees and bushes trimmed so that your home is easy to see. As well, make connections with your neighbours so you can watch out for each other, and use cameras in your home security system.

There may be many more things that you can do to enhance the security around your home and property. With a little research and creativity, you can better protect yourself against attacks.

Preparation is Prevention

When it comes to preventing home break-ins, it’s important to be prepared. The crash and smash method is popular because robbers can successfully bypass your home security system by crashing in your door and smashing the control panel before an alarm is activated. This technique puts your home at risk as it takes advantage of the delay that most home security systems have.

For homeowners, the crash and smash method can feel defeating as it eliminates the security that you set up to protect your home. Yet, there are ways to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a crash and smash burglary.

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