Home Security Monitoring Services Aylmer

Home Security Monitoring Services Aylmer

If you live in Aylmer, Ontario and are looking for a security system for your home or business, we at Canadian Security Professionals have exactly what you need. The town is located in Elgin Country, which has a population of just over 7,000. Elgin County is home to attractions such as Aylmer Parks, Old Town Hall Theatre, Aylmer-Malahide Museum and Archives, and more.

Crime rates for Aylmer trail crime rates nationwide. For instance, the robbery rate per 100,000 people in Aylmer was 13, according to data from Statistics Canada in 2008. Meanwhile, the robbery rate per 100,000 people nationwide was 90. Aylmer is fortunate to enjoy fewer incidences of theft, there is a still a risk of breaking and entering in your community, and you don’t want your home or place of business to be a target.

The Home Security Survey from Aylmer Police’s website notes that Canada has a break and enter incident approximately once every three minutes. While there is no way to guarantee that a criminal will not target your home, most thieves will specifically target homes or commercial properties that seem to be unsecured. That’s where Home Security Professionals can help. We have the sort of security alarm solutions that will force thieves to think twice before targeting your property for a break and enter.

Alarm Monitoring:

Our alarm monitoring solution is what sets our home security systems, both residential and commercial, apart from the competition. In fact, all of the components of your security system are connected to your central control panel, which you can think of as the brains of the system. The control panel communicates with Monitoring Centre courtesy of a communication line such as a phone line or a digital wireless network.

When you arm your alarm security system, Canada will monitor the various sensors installed in your home or your place of business. If the sensors are activated and no valid user code is subsequently entered into the keypad within a specific period of time, the sensors will send an alarm signal to the monitoring centre, and operators will take decisive action to determine the extent of the situation.

Alarm Products: Our product lineup includes the GE Simon XT Alarm System, the GE Simon XTi Alarm System, the GE Concord Alarm System, CCTV Cameras, Wireless IP Cameras and GE Alarm System Add-ons. You can take advantage of our customization options to get a solution that is best suited to your home or commercial property.

Whether you’re looking for a product to provide protection in the event of burglary, fire, floods, carbon monoxide or other problems, we have you covered. We offer the best alarm systems in the country, and our monitoring service gives you, your family and your property added protection.

Be Prepared

Don’t be caught unprepared in the event that danger visits your home. We’re just a short phone call away so contact us for a free consultation on your security needs. We can have you protected with the right product and expert installation in no time.

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