Simon XTi-5 Alarm System

Simon XTi-5 Alarm System

Simon XTi-5 Alarm System

The Simon XTi-5 is a robust smart business security system that builds upon the overwhelming success of its predecessors, namely the Simon XT. The new system retains the smart security features that made the Simon XT a popular option for many business owners, but it goes beyond this to include a redesigned exterior and a vastly improved user interface to increase functionality and usability. What you’ll see is that the new version of this smart business security system is definitely worth some careful consideration if you want to protect your home or business.


Zones: Out of the box, the Simon XTi-5 comes ready to monitor up to 40 zones, sufficient to cover almost any residential or commercial property. The great thing is that you’ll not only get notifications if there’s a problem, but also information about the specific zone or area of your property where the problem is located.

Built-in Receiver: The alarm panel comes equipped with a built-in receiver that accommodates Interlogix’s Crystal and SAW Learn Mode security sensors. The system has an open air range of as much as 1,000 feet.

Security Sensors: You can buy glass break detectors, door and window contacts, environmental sensors, and motion detectors, all of which are part of Interlogix’s wide range of security sensors, in either Crystal or SAW Learn Mode varieties. This range of security sensors will allow you to fortify your home or business space.

Two-Way Wireless Devices: The system accommodates two-way wireless devices like the secondary touch-screen keypad that talks.

LCD Touch Screen: The Simon XTi-5 features a five-inch colour LCD touch screen that offers an inviting and easy to use graphic user interface. As there are zero buttons on the Simon XTi-5, you will only need to focus on the touch screen. When you look at the screen, you’ll be presented with an overview of the status of your property. It has icons denoting doors, windows, and motion sensors so that you can view each one to ascertain whether or not your entire home or business is secure. If you want specific information, all you need to do is touch the icon on the touch screen for the lowdown on the zone selected.

Arming Modes: The arming modes that you can select for the Simon XTi-5 include doors and windows only, all sensors, and motion detectors only. It’s also possible to select or deselect options such as silent exit and entry delay.

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