Tips To Prevent Break Ins Through Your Windows

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When it comes to home security, installing a good alarm system is always a good idea. But you have to be sure that you aren’t making the sorts of mistakes that may leave you just as vulnerable to break ins as if you didn’t have an alarm in place.

Prevent Window Break Ins

What do we mean? While thieves sometimes force their way into homes with brute force tactics, many of them prefer less dramatic modes of entry, such as through windows that are unlocked. As a result, you need to take away these easy paths into your home to reduce the odds of your home being targeted.

Read on to learn some tips to prevent break ins through the windows of your home. After all, you want to let in natural light and fresh air — not criminals bent on gaining unlawful access.

  1. Closed & Locked

    One obvious tip is to keep your windows closed and locked when you’re not around. It’s one thing to have them open when you’re home and you just want some fresh sunshine or fresh air in your home — but it’s another thing if you leave them open or unlocked when you’re either asleep or away from home. While a determined thief won’t necessarily be deterred by a closed and locked window, many will opt to look for easier targets.

  2. Reinforced Glass

    Stronger windows will provide you with more protection against potential break ins. Specifically, you can use reinforced glass, such as tempered glass or laminated glass. Criminals who try to break through reinforced glass will have to work extra hard at it, and the noise they will generate while doing so could deter them and notify you and your family.

  3. Window Alarm

    With a window alarm installed, you can get a notification whenever the window is opened or damaged, which will allow you to take the appropriate action of calling the police. A motion detector would work in this regard as well.

  4. Floodlights

    Installing floodlights near your windows, so that they come on if someone gets too close, will serve as a good deterrent. Thieves love to operate under the cover of darkness, so a bright floodlight that comes on will have them scurrying away.

  5. Thorny Plants

    It is a good idea for you to place thorny plants or bushes under your ground-floor windows. It will make that area virtually inaccessible to anyone who would like to enter your home through said windows.

Protecting your windows is a necessity if you want to keep your family and your property safe. Follow the five tips mentioned above, and you will decrease the odds of being targeted by criminals.

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