What Makes Indoor Cameras Different From Outdoor Cameras?

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Installing cameras inside and outside of your home will safeguard not only your property, but also your family. Even so, you need to know which type of camera to install in order to get the protection you’re looking for.

Indoor And Outdoor Cameras

Put another way, you really shouldn’t install the same cameras inside that you install outside — and vice versa. You’ll need different cameras for the exterior of your home than you will for the interior of your home, and this will make it important to consider what makes indoor cameras different from outdoor cameras. Read on to find out.


Because exterior cameras are more likely to be tampered with and, of course, to be exposed to the elements, they are usually constructed with particularly durable materials. By making them out of metal and installing them within a casing, outdoor cameras are not only more durable, but also less likely to be interfered with.


While outdoor cameras tend to be bulkier, indoor cameras tend to be smaller and, as a result, can more easily blend in with the environment than would a more intrusive outdoor camera. Interior and exterior cameras, however, both make use of similar technology such as, among other things, infrared that leads to better picture quality in conditions where the light is lower than optimal.

Out of Sight

If you’re looking for a camera that can be easily concealed in something like, say, an exit sign, then you should save such applications for the interior of your home. The reason for this is that most hidden cameras don’t provide sufficient protection from the elements. While outdoor cameras are usually more obvious, this is a plus in that it could be a deterrent for illegal activity.

Picture Quality

There are lots of indoor and outdoor cameras that will provide good picture quality, but you’ll want to be particularly diligent about good picture quality when it comes to exterior cameras. The reason for this is that outdoor cameras must be up to the task of keeping up with moving objects such as cars or other vehicles. Furthermore, exterior cameras need to be able to pick up essential information such as facial features as well as identifying vehicle information such as license plates. As a result, you need to find outdoor cameras with adequate resolution.

Installing cameras inside and outside of your home is definitely a good idea since doing so can keep your loved ones and your property safe and sound, but be sure to get the right cameras for the job so that you obtain the protection you need.

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