What Is Intelligent Home Security Technology?

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Smart home technology is definitely on the rise in the modern world that we live in, and the advances to technology are changing the way we interact and the way we live. We have on-demand access to many automated and remote systems that control features in our homes such as lighting, heating, security, entertainment and other electronic devices, making life much easier.

Intelligent Home Security

Here are examples of intelligent home security technology:

  1. Programmable thermostats – we have all wanted to turn the heat up before heading home on a cold winter evening, and now we finally have the technology to do it! You are able to turn the heat up or down from anywhere by using your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Zone-based thermostats – this technology uses motion sensors and will only turn the heat up in rooms with people in it.
  3. Power controls (wireless) – home automation at its best, you have control of many devices with just the touch of your finger. With the proper setup, you can connect your lighting, security system, and much more.
  4. Automated door locks – if you have picked up a lot at the grocery store or you have a child in your arms, it can be hard to unlock your door. With smart locks, you are able to automate your door to unlock and, in some cases, even open when you arrive.
  5. Smart home security systems – you can monitor your home and keep it safe and secure, all at the same time. If the kids come home from school, or you just want to check on the family pet, you can take a look at your home remotely. Additionally, you can use it to arm your security system while you are out of the house.
  6. Smart smoke detectors – these smoke detectors (carbon monoxide detectors) don’t just detect smoke – they talk to you! Using sensors to test the air, they can tell you the results of the testing – WiFi enabled versions are able to send text or voice messages to your phone alerting you of any emergencies or issues in your home.
  7. Surveillance – This is one of the most important components of home security systems. WiFi enabled camera systems give you the chance to view the feed using your tablet, smartphone or laptop – in addition, some sync with the app, this way you can have the live feed and the saved video as well.

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