Steps To Take After A Burglary

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A home burglary can be devastating. It’s an invasion of your safety that leaves you feeling vulnerable and can require a long time to recover from.

After Burglary

Although there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of burglary, the fact is that sometimes it can happen despite your best efforts. Knowing what steps to take after a burglary helps you recover your items, protect yourself for the future, and return to your normal everyday living.

Contact the Authorities

The first thing to do after a burglary is to call the police. If the incident occurred while you were at home, check with each member of your family to ensure that everyone is unharmed.

The more time you wait before contacting the authorities, the less chance you have of recovering your stolen property. Also, if police can examine your home immediately after the incident, they’re more likely to find clues that lead them to the perpetrators and your valuables. Don’t move anything until they’ve arrived and examined your home!

File a police report to document the details of the incident. This helps the police investigate the crime and can be helpful when filing an insurance claim.

Review the Damage

Once the authorities have examined the house, you can begin to assess the extent of how much was stolen.

Make a list of the items that have been stolen or damaged. This will also be invaluable in processing insurance claims with your provider. Take photographs of the scene as soon as you can, and be sure to include as many details as possible. If you have pre-existing photographs of your valuables or other information (such as serial numbers), begin compiling that information as well.

You should also think back to any visitors who may have gained access to your home. Perhaps a salesperson or service technician came by and saw the inside of your house, or you noticed strangers in the neighborhood recently. If either of these are the case, report this information to the investigators.

Recovering From a Burglary

Perhaps the hardest part of a burglary is the recovery period. It takes time to feel comfortable and safe as you resume your normal activities.

If any parts of the house were damaged during the burglary, try to fix them as soon as possible. More importantly, review your current alarm system and make sure that it’s providing you with the security you need. You can consult with your security system provider and consider any upgrades you might want to prevent future incidents.

Changing the locks and securing your windows will also help you regain a sense of security as you recover from a home burglary.

Taking these steps after a burglary increases the likelihood of recovering your valuables and helps you move forward. A burglary can have long lasting effects on your peace of mind. Improving your security system helps you feel at home again.

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