How to Keep your Business Safe from Burglars

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No matter the size or the value of your business, security is important. Businesses are popular targets for burglars, since they are often empty of employees after hours.

Protecting Business

Here are some important tips for ensuring the security of your business around the clock:

  • Alarm System with Security Cameras
  • This advice is at the top of the list for good reason. A state-of-the-art alarm systems in Hamilton will be able to alert the authorities and yourself of any unauthorized entry to your business. With IP enabled security cameras, you can access the video feed from your smartphone or computer while out of the office.

  • Clear signs – Alarm systems and security cameras are excellent at minimizing the losses of burglaries and maximizing the chances of recovering stolen property, and surprisingly they’re equally good at deterring burglaries in the first place. In order to have the best possible deterrence, make sure that you post visible signage indicating the presence of your alarm and security camera system.
  • Strong safe – Just because a burglar gains entry to your business does not mean they have to have access to your valuables or cash. Invest in a strong safe and have it bolted down, or installed in the floor. This will make sure that a burglar cannot simply take the whole safe and open it later on their own time.

  • If the safe is in a highly visible area, this will deter burglars from spending too much time attempting to crack it since they will be vulnerable to being spotted.

  • Cash out – If your business deals in much cash, try not to keep a lot of it on the premises at any one time. Make frequent deposits to the bank. That way, if you are robbed, the losses will not be too much.
  • Inventory often – Keep accurate and up-to-date records of all the items in your business. You will be able to notice if anything is missing much quicker this way. And if there is a robbery, this information will be very useful when filing an insurance claim.
  • Bright lighting – Burglars do not want to be seen. So make it hard for them to hide! Bright and full light coverage around your business means that there will be no shadows for burglars to hide in.
  • Key management – Keep accurate records of how many keys you have to your business and who has access to them. Too many loose keys floating around can be a serious vulnerability.
  • Sturdy locks – Last, but not least, have strong locks for all entrances to your business. And of course, make sure that you and your employees use them! The strongest lock in the world is useless if left unlocked.

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