Apps To Help Monitor Your Office’s Security

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We all do our best to keep the people we care about safe. This extends to our property and possessions of course, but it should also extend to people we work with.

Best Apps For Office Security

Offices should always take safety and security into consideration, and prepare employees in case of emergency. CCTV cameras and alarm systems Mississauga go a long way to keep your office secure, but now thanks to smartphones, there are even more security options available.

While there are many apps available for home security, less attention has been given to office security. What can you do in case of an office emergency? Often it’s hard to communicate between coworkers, especially is the office is large or multi-floor. Office emergencies such as an intruder, a medical emergency, or other dangers can be difficult to communicate to coworkers. Below are a few of the best apps available to increase office safety and security.

Circle of Six

Circle of Six is an app that allows you to create a network of six people who you can, with one tap of an icon, send personalized messages to. The app was originally created for university students, but works for everyone. The icons you tap are generic enough that the message you’re sending is clear. A telephone, for example, means “Call Me.”

For a large office, you can choose six people strategically located with whom to communicate with in case of an emergency.

The Red Cross First Aid App

The Red Cross First Aid App is a free app that provides step-by-step first aid instruction in case of an emergency. Even if an individual has first-aid training, these skills can be forgotten in the case of a real-life emergency.

The app features:

  • Integrated 911 services: EMS can be contacted through the app
  • Preloaded content: Instructions can be accessed without Wifi or data
  • Safety tips and videos to prepare for emergencies
  • Interactive quizzes to increase first-aid knowledge

This app is a must-have to prepare employees and coworkers for any first-aid emergency.


Presence is a free app that transforms your old or spare Android or iOS devices into security cameras. With Presence, you can monitor video from anywhere in the world, and receive motion-activated video alerts. Presence also works with multiple viewers; you and your colleagues can all monitor the office at the same time.

That being said, these DIY security cameras will never offer the same security has proper security cameras that have been installed by professionals. If you’re looking to add a layer of defense and protection to your office, you should always call the experts!


Guardly offers mobile crisis communication solutions. Guardly can be used in many emergencies, including workplace safety. Ideal for large spaces, Guardly features an indoor positioning system that will be able to tell you exactly where the person sending the alarm is in the building. Guardly sends mass notifications to coworkers, and most importantly, sends immediate, silent calls to emergency responders.

Guardly’s See Something, Say Something feature allows users to communicate securely about potential threats to people or property.

These Apps can all mean the difference between life and death, but they also show that you care about the safety and wellbeing of your colleagues and employees. We can never predict emergencies, but hopefully the smartphone age can give us effective ways to minimize threats at home, travelling, or in the office.

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