Adding Protection to your Storage Unit

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Storage units have a lot of extremely useful applications. Whether you are using one to clear out space in your house, or for inventory or document storage for your business, a storage unit can be a lifesaver. No matter what your reasons for renting a storage unit, you will want its contents to be safe. What good is storage if all your items are damaged or stolen?

Protecting Storage Unit

The first step in ensuring your possessions’ security is choosing the right facility. Not all storage facilities are created equal. Some will have loads of security measures in place while some will have next to none, but regardless of what it comes with, there are still several additional measures you can take to boost your unit’s security on your own.

  • Hidden valuables – Make sure that valuable or desirable items are not easily visible or accessible from the entrance of the storage unit. If they are out of sight and behind hard-to-move items, they will be less likely to be stolen.
  • Strong locks – Some storage facilities require you to provide your own lock. If this is the case, you want treat your lock as an investment, not just as an expense. Look for one with shorter shackles, since they will be harder for burglars to cut or break.
  • Alarm systems – Not all storage facilities will support this option, so it is something to look out for when you are choosing the facility. The right electricity and phone/internet options will allow you to equip your storage unit with it’s own alarm system. This can be customized like any other residential or commercial alarm system Mississauga to detect burglary, flooding or fire. A storage unit alarm system can also send automatic alerts to your smartphone or computer any time an alarm is triggered.
  • Security cameras – As a standalone system or as a component of an alarm system, security cameras can be a great way to protect your storage unit. Their presence can deter would-be burglars, and you can monitor any suspicious activity. With a working internet connections, IP cameras allow you to monitor the video feed from your smartphone or computer at any time.
  • Locked chest – You can add layered security by locking the most valuable items in a heavy chest within the locked storage unit. Even if a burglar gains access to the unit, this will prevent them from snatching your valuables in a quick grab-and-go burglary.

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