8 Reasons You Need a Smart Doorbell

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What is a Smart Doorbell?

Smart doorbells are the future of home security. These simple, intuitive devices offer homeowners the ability to answer their door from their mobile device. This provides enhanced safety and security while also making your everyday life far more convenient. By combining a smart doorbell with a variety of other automated features, you can create a customized home automation system tailored to your family’s needs. Here are nine reasons you should consider installing a smart doorbell in your home:

Reasons You Need a Smart Doorbell

1.Answer your door remotely

Picture yourself letting your dinner guests into your home all while preparing dinner in the kitchen. Smart doorbells offer homeowners the ability to answer their door remotely. The video feed on the doorbell is connected to your mobile device or tablet, allowing you to unlock your door and let guests in without being near the entrance of your home. The video feed acts as a digital “peephole” so you can see who is on your doorstep before you unlock the door. For your next dinner party, you won’t even have to leave the kitchen to let your guests into your home. In fact, you don’t even have to be at home to let someone in. For example, if a family member shows up unexpectedly while you are at work, you can unlock your door and let them in without physically being at home.

2. Push notifications to your mobile device

For added convenience, smart doorbells send push notifications to your mobile device when someone is on your doorstep. From food delivery services to mail delivery, you will be notified every time someone comes to your door. In this way, you have instant access to your locking system and immediate control over the security of your home. The video feed lets you see exactly who is at your door, and the recorded video even lets you check the feed hours after it happened. This way, you can keep an eye on packages left at your door while you are at work.

3. Live video feed of your front door

The digital “peephole” included with a smart doorbell allows you to see who is at your door without having to open it. Not only does live video monitoring offer exceptional safety and security against unwanted visitors or suspicious individuals at your door, but it makes it easy to let in guests or see when your food has been delivered. If you notice any kind of suspicious or concerning activity at your door or in your yard, smart doorbells can also be combined with automated alarms and other security features. At Canadian Security Professionals, our security representatives are on call 24/7, offering you instant access to assistance in case of an emergency. Should a hostile individual end up on your yard or at your front door, we can dispatch police officers immediately and stay on the line with you until you are safe and secure.

4. Two-way audio feature from mobile devices

Beyond the video features, smart doorbells also feature two-way audio. Through your mobile device or computer, you can listen-in and speak with the person at your door. This digital intercom system allows you to address the person on your doorstep without having to be at the door—or even at home. For example, you can give a delivery person instructions on where to leave a package without even being home.

5. Motion-activated screenshots or video

Smart doorbells offer optional motion-activated screenshots and video features. When someone enters your property—whether they are a food delivery person, guest, or suspicious individual—the video feed on your smart doorbell can take screenshots of the individual or record video of the event. When you are not home, you can view this video feed from your mobile device, allowing you to monitor the security of your home at all times. Should a criminal attempt to enter your home or damage your property, these videos and screenshots can be used for evidence.

6. Deter burglars and criminals

Beyond their practicality and convenience, these automated features also help deter burglars from targeting your home. Criminals often target homes that will prove to be the most convenient, and automated lighting, locks, and video feeds specifically make it more difficult for a criminal to gain entrance to your home.

7. HD video technology

Not only is this video technology convenient, but most smart doorbells are equipped with high-quality HD video cameras, offering exceptional quality in live feeds and video recordings. This is crucial, as these videos can be used for evidence in court if a crime is committed on your property, and the high-quality imaging is sure to capture as much detail as possible with modern home surveillance cameras.

8. Custom lighting combinations

Your smart doorbell can be paired with numerous other home automation features, including your lighting system. For added convenience, you can program your porch light to turn on whenever it detects motion on your doorstep or front yard. Not only is this an exceptional security tool, but it also ensures your yard is properly lit when you come home from work, so you don’t have to struggle with your keys or groceries in the dark.

Why Us?

At Canadian Security Professionals, we pride ourselves on our ability to create custom home automation systems for our customers. We will work with you to determine your specific needs and create a system that will make your life more convenient and your home more secure. Our team of home security professionals are equipped with the best home automation technology and the expertise necessary to source, install, arm, and repair smart features. For your convenience, we can help you choose which smart features would be most beneficial for you, including automated lighting, thermostats, video monitoring, doorbells, and alarm systems.

For more information about our security and alarm systems, or to receive a detailed quote for a smart doorbell, call us at 1-877-229-7252 or contact us here.

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