4 Ways To Increase Security At Your Cottage

June 28, 2017 by

If you thought that protecting your home from criminals was hard work, consider how much more effort you’ll need to put into safeguarding your cottage. The key thing to remember is that most people don’t spend as much time at their cottage as they do at their primary residence, which means that cottages could potentially be more at risk. In order to help you keep your cottage safe when you’re there and when you’re away, check out these four tips. Tip number 1 is definitely a must because it is the most powerful strategy.

Ways To Increase Security At Your Cottage

  1. Security Alarm System

    You absolutely must have a security alarm system installed at your cottage, but that’s not enough. If you want to make the most of your investment, then you should add alarm monitoring services so that you’re protected around the clock. Chances are your cottage is not your primary residence, which means that there are likely times when it is unoccupied. This scenario makes it all the more imperative to sign up for alarm monitoring services so that the service provider will investigate if your alarm is ever triggered. This will give you peace of mind when you’re away.

  2. Lock Up Your Stuff

    If you’ve really embraced the cottager’s lifestyle, then you likely have some of the toys and tools of the trade. Whether you have ATVs, boats, riding mowers, chainsaws or anything else, make sure that they’re all locked away securely when not in use. This is particularly important when you’re not around. Criminals would love nothing more to make off with your small engine stuff, but you can thwart their best efforts by locking things in garages or sheds, removing keys from the ignitions and even installing some security cameras to serve as a deterrent.

  3. Cover the Windows

    When you’re not around, be sure to close the drapes or blinds. Would-be thieves may have less motivation to steal if they can’t see anything inside your home. You’ll want to take the same precaution with any other structure on your property such as a garage or shed containing your things.

  4. Light It Up

    Many thieves love nothing more than to target the cottages of the absent or unsuspecting when it’s dark outside. You can give them quite a scare by installing motion detecting lights that turn on whenever their sensors detect movement. Install these lights outside close to every door that can be used to get inside of the house. This will ensure that thieves can’t use darkness to their advantage if they target your cottage.

Your cottage is a place where many a family memory can be made, but don’t let your guard down. Criminals target vacation homes such as cottages, so you need to be vigilant. By implementing a few simple security measures, you can keep your family and property safe.

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