The 5 Most Commonly Stolen Items

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When thieves break in and steal from homes, there are often certain things that will particularly catch their eyes in their pursuit of ill-gotten gains. Yes, some criminals will take just about anything of value that they can potentially pawn off for some quick cash, but there are certain items that they particularly love to steal if given the chance.

Popular Stolen Items

Read on to learn about the 5 most commonly stolen items, so that you can keep these things from falling into the wrong hands. We’re betting that number 1 won’t come as much of a surprise at all.

  1. Money
    Criminals are definitely out to get money if they can find it, so it makes sense to ensure that you don’t leave cash out and about where it can easily be found. You also need to avoid hiding it in easy-to-find spots such as in your chest of drawers. Your best bet is to store your money in a secure floor-bolted safe. This will provide the necessary protection, since most criminals won’t bother with such an obstacle, given their desire to exit quickly.

  2. Tools
    Tools and building materials are in the number 2 slot for most popular items targeted by criminals. If you leave your shed or garage open or unlocked, you will make it super easy for thieves to simply walk in and take your power drill, circular saw, or drywall. It doesn’t take much effort to close your garage when you don’t need access to it — and to keep it locked whenever it is closed. That will be enough of a deterrent for many criminals.

  3. Jewels
    Criminals love stealing jewelry because of the potential sale value, and the small size means jewels easy are to load up and take. Your best bet if you have jewels is to avoid hiding them where they’ll easily be found. If there’s room, you can store your jewels in the same floor-bolted safe that you keep your money.

  4. Coin Collections
    If you have a container — perhaps a glass bottle — filled with coins, thieves will be happy to make off with it if they get their hands on it. Keep your coins and especially any collector coins out of sight to reduce the odds of their being taken by thieves.

  5. Gaming Consoles
    Video games and gaming consoles are popular items for theft because thieves know that they can easily be sold to pawn shops. So if you have an expensive gaming console or two, consider putting them away whenever you’re going to be away. It might be a pain to have to do so, but you’ll be glad you did if your home is ever burgled.

So there you have it — the top 5 items that thieves like to target when they break into homes. Now that you know what they’re looking for, you can take the right measures to keep them out of your home. With the right home security system, you can make your home unattractive to thieves, who prefer easier targets.

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