3 Security Tips For Renters

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If you rent rather than own a house, apartment, or condo, don’t think that you can skip alarm monitoring services. Indeed, security risks abound for homeowners and renters alike, so it’s important that you understand the potential risks and pursue an appropriate course of action to keep yourself and your possessions safe. In order to help you formulate a winning plan, here are three security tips for renters. Pay particular notice to number two.

Security Tips For Renters

  1. Apartment EntrancesKeeping your unit safe is one thing, renting a unit in a building that employs safety measures is quite another. It definitely makes sense, therefore, to choose a landlord who takes security seriously. So if you’re looking for an apartment, for instance, be sure to focus on apartments that safeguard entry doors by requiring pass codes, keys, or other such things that control who can access the building in the first place.
  2. Alarm Monitoring ServicesWhile you should definitely install a good home security system to safeguard your dwelling, you need go a step further by getting alarm monitoring services. This option will ensure that a third party is notified in the event that a motion detector installed in your unit is activated. The third party can then call you to verify if everything is okay or dispatch the appropriate authorities to check out the situation. If you opt for renter’s insurance, you may even qualify for a discount if you can provide proof that you have a home security system installed.
  3. LocksLocks definitely matter, since they can potentially deter would-be thieves from targeting your residence. Ensure that your landlord replaces your locks, rather than just rotates old locks between rental units as renters come and go. While it might seem a bit of a stretch to assume that previous renters might use their old keys to access units they previously rented, anything is possible. It’s therefore better to be safe than sorry. While you’re at it, be sure that all of your window locks work properly. If they don’t, have your landlord make the appropriate fixes.

If you’re a renter, there are certainly things you can do to stay safe. Choose the right rental location, consider your alarm monitoring service options carefully, and ensure that your locks are all up to par.

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