Security System Add Ons You Didn’t Know You Needed

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When it comes to listing the components of a traditional security alarm system, chances are that you might mention things like a keypad, motion detection sensors and even CCTV cameras. But the realm of smart security systems is such that there is an impressive range of possible add ons that will help you to keep yourself and your family safe from any potential danger.

Important Security System Add Ons

Read on a for a look at security system add ons that you didn’t know you needed. We’re sure that you’ll be surprised at some of the innovations that are now available in the emerging smart home age.

Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector

The Interlogix Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector contains a built-in fixed temperature and rate of heat increase sensor that will allow the unit to detect heat over 50°C. If the temperature climbs faster than 10°C in less than 60 seconds, most often when there’s a fire, the system will detect it.

Glass Break Detector

Interlogix’s Wireless ShatterPro Series has technology that essentially listens across the glass break frequency spectrum for greater false alarm immunity. What this means is that the sensors can detect breaking glass through blinds and unlined drapes. It is not uncommon for thieves to break ground floor windows to create an entry point. So, if you want extra protection to keep unwanted visitors out, or at least to sound an alarm when a break-in attempt is in progress, this add on is essential.

Freeze Sensor

Another great option for smart security systems is a freeze sensor. The Interlogix Freeze Sensor, for instance, provides protection against extensive damage stemming from undetected freezing. You’re probably aware of cases where furnace failure or power outages led to burst pipes. You don’t have to be a victim of such an event if you have a freeze sensor.

Secondary Touchscreen Keypad

The Interlogix Simon XT – Secondary Touchscreen Keypad is definitely a keypad re-imagined for smart security systems. It provides convenient system control plus feedback, system status, and the option to display the current weather. You can even control your smart home equipment like thermostats and locks right from your keypad. If you want an extra layer of interactivity, then this secondary keypad might be just up your alley.

Cold Weather Motion Sensor

You’ll want this smart technology add on if you have a garage or shed. The Interlogix Outdoor Cold Weather Motion Sensor will safeguard your garage as well as any vehicles and tools inside of your garage. As well, it’s also a great option to secure your storage shed.

There are definitely a lot of smart add ons that you can get for smart security systems. The aforementioned recommendations will, once you’ve considered them, definitely look more and more like necessities rather than mere options.

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