Is an Interactive Security System Right For You?

Is an Interactive Security System Right For You?

July 11, 2019 by

Crimes continue to increase across the country, according to Statistics Canada. The latest statistics show that since 2014, the number of crimes being reported has consecutively risen, particularly in rural areas.

Research has also shown that the sales of security systems have been increasing as Canadians look for the best way to protect their families and homes. The industry is now worth over $2 billion and is still expected to increase over the next few years. 

As the industry adapts to technological advances, many homeowners neglect to install or upgrade their security systems. However, with new smart technology, securing your home is not only more affordable, but it can also be more flexible and interactive. 

There are over 31 million mobile phone users in Canada, a number that continues to increase year over year. This bodes well for smart security systems that connect users to their home security system via smartphone apps. This provides users with a range of options when it comes to keeping their possessions and loved ones safe. 

If you are wondering what type of security system is right for you, here are some good reasons to consider an interactive system.

Benefits of Interactive Security Systems

Interactive security systems are those that use technology to keep your home and belongings safe, even when you are not there. Users are able to connect to their security system through an app on their smartphone, which means you can be confident your home is secure. 

GSM Connectivity

Thanks to wireless connectivity, security systems are not as vulnerable as they once were. Those systems that rely on a phone or broadband line are more prone to misfunctions if the connection is lost. Yet, with an interactive security system that uses a dedicated cellular connection, your property remains secure even if the phone line is cut, the power is out, or the Internet is down. 

Crash and Smash Detection

Through technology developed by, integrated security systems are still able to get an emergency signal out if they are damaged by robbers. Even if the control panel is smashed, alarms will go out to local emergency departments and homeowners will be notified of the situation through their phone. 

Emergency 2-Way Voice

An integrated system has a high level of connectivity, so users can be assured that if there is an emergency situation, the two-way voice service will connect them to the monitoring centre. This can be done without having to pick up a phone and dialing emergency numbers. 


An interactive security system can be accessed by the homeowner anywhere, anytime. This means that you not only receive an alert if the system’s alarm is activated, but you can check on your home anytime. For example, you can see who is home, if the system is on or off and more. This offers peace of mind for users that their homes and families are safe. 


The security system is accessible through an interface that users access on their smartphones, which gives homeowners the flexibility to check-in no matter where in the world they are. So, if you go on holiday or a long trip, you don’t have to worry about coming home to a break-and-enter scenario. The app is available on Apple, Android, and other smart devices that have an internet connection. 


Most interactive security systems can have video monitoring added to them so you can instantly see what is happening in different rooms of your home. Through smart cameras, users can access streaming video, save recorded clips and even check on children or pets that are home. Depending on where you place your cameras, you can monitor the front door or anywhere else around your home that may be vulnerable. 


Through Image Sensor technology, users can instantly see what is going on in and around their property. The technology is a combination of a motion sensor, still camera and interactive controls. Through these features, homeowners can easily see what may have caused an alarm to go off or can get a snapshot of an area through ‘Peek-In’. 

The device will capture images, which makes it a useful tool for a variety of situations. This can include seeing an intruder, monitor babysitters, housekeepers, maintenance person or any other guests. If an image is taken, you will get a notification to your phone with the image attached. Photos are also stored in a searchable library, making it easier to look back into past events. 


Smart home devices can be integrated into a master system that allows you to control them all from one place. Imagine connecting your security system, lights, appliances, thermostat or any other smart home device you have. This means you can turn your lights on, lock your door and adjust your thermostat all from your phone, whether you are at home, in the office or your car. You can program them to interact with each other or to turn on or off at specified times. Through integration, you can have better efficiency in your home, which can make your busy life even easier. 

With crime rising across Canada, more and more homeowners are looking for the best way to provide security for their families. Thanks to advancing technology, interactive security systems have been meeting this demand. These systems are flexible, programmable, mobile, connected and offer integration with other smart home devices. Through an interactive security system, you can access controls from anywhere at any time. Whether you are looking for a system that allows you to check-in on your home while you are away or one that can be adjusted from your smartphone, an interactive system is the right fit. 

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