Home Security Through The Eyes Of A Thief

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What motivates thieves to steal? How do they choose their target? What are their habits? Criminals are a source of interest to us – that’s why a lot of films often make them the center focus and why police dramas have such a market on television.

What Motivates Thieves?

Many studies have examined the motivations, deterrents and other key information of thieves. Of course, the results of these studies serve a more important function than simply piquing our interest: we can use this information to modify our own security measures in our home and hopefully provide additional protection for ourselves and our loved ones. Here are some key findings.

  • Many Factors Go Into Selecting Their Target. A burglar will consider how close your home is to to traffic and the police station. He or she will also assess if people are home. They will look at the type of security in your home, including alarms, dogs or other types of surveillance. In fact, 83% of burglars will assess alarm systems before entering a home. This study suggests that we can potentially deter thieves if we increase our level of security, such as investing in an alarm system. Another option is to invest in timed lights that turn on at random intervals to give the impression that people are home. Set up bright lights outside your home and cut back bushes to give burglars less of an opportunity to hide.
  • Burglars Will Choose Other Targets If They Find Alarm During Initial Assessment. One study, carried out by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, found in their population of over 400 convicted offenders that 60% of burglars would not break into a home with an alarm on the property and would therefore find another target. The point to take away here is to make your outside security visible in order to deter burglars from breaking into your home.
  • An Alarm Can Stop a Burglar In Their Tracks. The same study found that if an alarm started to go off when burglars were in the middle of breaking into a home, half of them would stop the burglary.
  • Most Burglars Enter Through Open Windows and Doors or Use Applied Force. In addition, 1 in 8 burglars gained entry to homes by picking locks. The point is to never leave doors and windows open and invest in securing these parts of the home. For example, a solid wood door holds up against any force. Also add deadbolt locks to your doors. For windows, install an alarm on it, which will go off when the window is opened. Consider also reinforcing your windows with tempered glass.
  • Burglars (Especially Men) Are More Likely To Gather Information Before Break-In. In other words, don’t make your home a prime target. If you are going away on a holiday, don’t leave mail to pile up out front of your home and give burglars the impression that you are away.
  • Most Robberies Occur During The Summer Months. This is typically because burglars know that people will generally be away on holidays. Use this information to your advantage by giving the impression that your home is indeed occupied.
  • Burglars Commit Crimes For Drugs and Money. These are the top two reasons why burglars commit crimes and represented 51% and 37% respectively.

The key takeaway here is to invest in an alarm system for your home. Canadian Security Professionals offer a selection of high-quality alarm systems Toronto that will help protect you and your family from danger. Contact our team today.

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